📌Researchers: Stop Cancer Before Its Cancer 📌Trump Sub-Threatens Hillary Clinton 📌Lives of Babes: Brain Cancer Surpasses Leukemia 📌Antonio Brown Fined For End-Zone Twerk 📌One Skillet Cooks Your Entire Breakfast At Once 📌Kaepernick Now Has To Kneel Forever?📌Just Because You’re Rational Doesn’t Mean You’re Intelligent Doesn’t Mean You’re Rationale Is (Intelligent) 📌and more!

  1. Here’s what eating too much sugar does to your body
     (more on sugar)
  2. How Overexercising Could Be Sabotaging Your Health Goals
  3. Walking style may indicate aggressive personality
  4. Superfood: Mango helps prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes
  5. The 9 Healthiest Things You Can Order at Starbucks, According to Nutritionists
  6. Here’s The Real Reason Your Friend’s ‘Gluten-Free’ Diet Might Be Making Them Feel Better
  7. This 5-Section Skillet Will Cook Your Entire Breakfast at Once
  8. Trump’s FDA plan should raise concerns for Americans who eat food LoL at that headline
  9. Largest Survey Yet Finds Fluoridation Safe And Effective
  10. The Secret to Putting Your Cardiologist Out of Business
  11. 6 Protein-Rich Meals to Eat Before Going to Sleepuntitled-design-48
  12. Researchers say to conquer cancer you need to stop it before it becomes cancer
  13. Schools And Mental Health: When The Parent Has To Take Charge
  14. Food ‘traffic light’ labelling should be mandatory, councils say
  15. ‘The Mindset Shift That Helped Me Finally See the Weight-Loss Results I Wanted’
  16. St John’s Wort Found To Reduce The Effectiveness Of Emergency Contraception
  17. Pediasure and Ensure – processed ‘junk nutrition’ for children, the hospitalized and the elderly
  18. Innovative sound therapy treats hypertension and migraine
  19. Should you really feed a cold, starve a fever?
  20. Fight stress, boost productivity with single-tasking
  21. New Rules Aimed To Make Clinical Trials Safer, More Effective
  22. Brain cancer replaces leukemia as deadliest cancer for kids, study showsbrain-cancer-in-kids
  23. Brain cancer is now the leading cancer killer of kids
  24. Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: The Astrotwins Spill What You Need To Know
  25. Largest Survey Yet Finds Fluoridation Safe And Effective
  26. The Difference Between Rationality and Intelligencebecause just because you’re one doesn’t mean you’re the other…
  27. Why acetaminophen is the ‘most common cause of liver injury’ in Canada
  28. Woman with ovary disorder shares revealing photo about condition

    Tina Beznec lives with Polycystic ovary syndrome.
    Tina Beznec lives with Polycystic ovary syndrome.
  29. Maternal Deaths Worldwide Have Almost Halved In 25 Years
  30. Multiple People Shot in East Hollywood; at Least 2 Dead, 2 More Critically Injured: LAPD
  31. Texting drivers: Penalty points and fines to double 
  32. Six points if you use a mobile phone at the wheel: Mail campaign victory as ministers vow to toughen up driving law by doubling the three-point punishment
  33. Heroin in America: The scarring of the next generation
  34. Cancer Blogger Dies One Day Before Her Wedding
  35. Two Fort Worth Officers Shot, Suspect Killed
  36. Native American teen has sat out Pledge of Allegiance for years
  37. Teacher serenaded by students amid cancer battle dies
  38. ICYMI: Transgender soldier becomes first woman on Army front line

  1. Ellen Pompeo Says She Let Go of Her ‘Ego’ to Stay on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ uh…yeah…because, two words: Katherine Heigl
  2. Patrick Dempsey Says ‘Lots of Sex’ Saved His Marriage – Sex
  3. Fifty Shades Darker Beats The Force Awakens for Most-Watched Trailer in 24 Hours
  4. Akon Joins Tech Company Royole as Chief Creative Officer
  5. Miley Cyrus Reveals The Main Reason She Quit Red Carpets
  6. Kelly Clarkson Fan Says Racist Cops Beat Her
  7. Backstreet Boys emoji keyboard: It’s larger-than-life
  8. Tom Cruise Closes ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Deal, Preproduction to Resume (Exclusive)
  9. Rob Kardashian Admits He’s Not ”Comfortable” in His Skin or With His Weight: ”I’m Not Happy With Anything I Do” on Rob and Chyna
  10. Edward Albee, Pulitzer-winning playwright of modern masterpieces, dies at 88
  11. Celine Dion Says Pixar’s ‘Up’ Helped in Explaining Rene Angelil’s Death to Her Children: ‘It Saved My Life’
  12. Taylor Swift’s mom rallies around her after ex Calvin Harris releases break-up anthem about ‘two-faced’ lover
  13. Actor James Woods Boycotting The Nfl Over Colin Kaepernick Controversy
  14. Kroger Supermarket Apologizes For Sending Employee Home For Wearing Kaepernick Jersey
  15. Mel Gibson Expecting Ninth Child, Girlfriend Is Pregnant
  16. The Game’s Diss Track Threatens ‘Snitch’ Meek Mill
  17. Chrissy Teigen Shares Flashback of Daughter Luna After Giving Birth
  18. Demi Lovato’s New ‘Body Say’ Video Is So Steamy It’ll Make You Blush
  19. Justin Timberlake Is a Sexy ’50s Lifeguard in an Awesomely Vintage Belted Swimsuit
  20. Neil Diamond Preps Folk-Inspired ‘Acoustic Christmas’ Album
  21. See Dolly Parton and Pentatonix Team Up for Smooth ‘Jolene’
  22. Steelers receiver Antonio Brown fined $9,115 for twerkingusp-nfl-pittsburgh-steelers-at-washington-redskin-fined-for-twerking
  23. Why Kaepernick must keep kneelingkaepernick-cornrow-braids
  24. Unlike Pros, High School Football Players Protesting National Anthem Are Getting Suspended
  25. Stop The Insanity! High School Football Fans Told To Stop Chanting
  26. Anthem-protesting youth football team threatened by league
  27. Leopard’s don’t change their spots: Smh. Trump on Clinton’s guards: ‘Take their guns away, see what happens to her’
  28. Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton’s Bodyguards Should Disarm to ‘See What Happens to Her’
  29. Trump’s Second Amendment Rhetoric Again Veers Into Threatening Territory
  30. First Lady Michelle Obama Calls 2016 Choice ‘Excruciatingly Clear’
  31. Trump gets caught lying while walking back birther claims
  32. Howard Dean: ‘Donald Trump is a fraud’
  33. Hillary Clinton’s Backers Thought She Couldn’t Lose. Now, ‘I Can’t Go There.
  34. Good, cause he’s a time waster and has nothing to debate with zero possibility a chance of winning *eyes in head Gary Johnson won’t be debating Clinton and Trump