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[ictt-tweet-inline]65% of large businesses still don’t have a fully integrated digital strategy[/ictt-tweet-inline] <——— This is mad true. I always say, one of the BIGGEST industries (the music industry) was NOT prepared for digital marketing and (obviously) totally thought perhaps hiring 18-24 year olds to run social media for them to solve that problem was the remedy. It’s bigger than that. Fans are not little puppets anymore and know that their is a reward of something to say something. Fans are stars now (too) and the average fan has a better digital strategy than the stars and the businesses they are contracted to/with. Why? because they can do and say more with less consequences for starters and large brands (stars) and business have ‘people’ that have to advise them (for second starters). I always say: the Internet caught everybody by surprise. But social media caught BUSINESSES like deer in headlights.

First of all, you need to know that difference in what an industry is versus and organization. I talk about that here on pp 44-56 . When you are an industry, your power is only in the fact that you are ‘individual’ in talent, skill, or trade and that you have a kind of ‘monopoly’ on that combined WITH the fact that your ability to the access to market and advertise those things are exclusive to you, your brand, your business. But when the Internet was made available to the civilian world and then social media invented platforms for other people to exhibit talents, skills, and trades-they leveled the playing field. [ictt-tweet-inline]No one is going to sit in your audience if they too can steal or have the stage[/ictt-tweet-inline]. And when you have media outlets that will give them an outlet (to advertise and market themselves) and major industry companies handing out full on careers across this playing field, your digital strategy (on this playing field) has GOT to be iron clad. Period. Dot. OH: tap in!

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[ictt-tweet-inline]The best brands are ‘built on product not advertising’, says Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak[/ictt-tweet-inline] <—–say this again—for the people in the back and others who ‘advertising’ trumps the (real) work and product(s)/innovation. You’d be surprised at how many people think a follower and friend count cancels word of mouth advertising for your product, brand or business. When people learn and give credit to the fact that many of your biggest supporters and watchers promoting you most probably have never said anything to you and too, probably aren’t even following or ‘friending’ you, they will move a little more strategically. Even your ‘haters’ serve you: They even hate on you to people that hate on you to people that love you and hate you. But certainly your ‘haters’ (that know you know they hate you) won’t be on your followers and friends list, right?

You’d be surprised at how many (people) ‘brands’ rely solely on themselves as the product being advertised to their followers and friends list only when little do they know realize, it puts them out ‘there’ more than any ACTUAL work is being done or product is being produced. When that happens, they are forced to be ‘out there’ even more over that and as the ‘product’ itself.

Millennial thinking is wayyyy to involved in (social media) advertising under the guise of constant contact (“engaging”) before actually taking the time to build innovative real, sustainable products or services that people want and NEED. Millennial thinking chases numbers and validation first, and think: ‘innovation’-last. They think that ‘if I can buy/rack up x amount of followers, engage I can get some loyals, loyals’ll validate me, I’ll pay them back in retweet and my advertising is set.’ But the reality is: you can’t base your SUSTAINABLE advertising/marketing off of things said in which people don’t have to be made accountable for. And when you do the math on those actual ‘buyers’ as compared to your list, (like say if you have 10k and 10 ‘loyals’–that’s not really good. Because you have to hustle those 10-HARD in order to call yourself a “business” and grow).

Fact: we can’t turn in photo ops, reels, or social media feeds as a business plan to a/prospective investors. At the end of the day when all is said (and truly not done): Show me your WORK is what matters and sustains you. Show me your portfolio or product. That is your foundation? Your product should weight way more than “you,” you-advertising it ‘it’s advertising. That said, yes, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is RIGHT:” The best brands are built on product, not advertising.” A great, innovative product can sustain itself and last for years, will advertise itself harder than ‘you’ advertising ‘it’ more than than work put into ‘it.’

Gotta keep your ear to the street when innovating and BE INNOVATIVE before all else. Or else you will be out here in these silky-seeming advertising (social media) streets building brands on the premise of catering to a creed people with no power (or camaraderie) under the guise of a ‘positive’ premise that doesn’t sell/isn’t sale-able past a retweet or meme….all based on strategizing off advertising to a number on a new-age digital page BEFORE innovation.

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