📌Thanks To Campaign Money, Lead Paint Is ‘Safe’ Again 📌Columbus Cop Kills 13 Year-Old Tyree King 📌Sandra Bland Family Settles For $1.9m 📌Dhaka Streets Flood & Bleed Like The Red Sea 📌and more!

  1. Tyree King killing: Police shoot dead 13-year-old boy in Columbus, Ohio
  2. Sandra Bland family settles wrongful death suit for $1.9 million …no dollar is worth a human life but 1.9 million? I can spend that from my desk without leaving the house. That’s not a sanctioning or punishment. That’s state tip jar monies. Sad. I had this story on my desk a 7a.m. this morning and my friend and me texted and just pondered over this. Smh. (more on this from our sis)        
  3. Weird news: Woman spends $500 on surgery for pet goldfish that choked on pebble 
  4. Who gives a sh/t: Guggenheim Museum’s 18-carat gold toilet to open to public 

    Maurizio Cattelan's America goes on display Friday at the Guggenheim in New York. The artist says it is "one-percent art for the ninety-nine percent
    Maurizio Cattelan’s America goes on display Friday at the Guggenheim in New York. The artist says it is “one-percent art for the ninety-nine percent
  5. Breaking news: marriage has very little to do with religion (and vice versa) 
  6. “Pardon Snowden” Campaign Launches, Led by ACLU, Amnesty & Human Rights Watch 
  7. Woman Allegedly Kidnapped by Man Suspected in 3 Deaths Pleads for Help in Chilling 911 Call 
  8. Former DWP disabilities minister set to be suspended from Parliament for leaking payday loan report to Wonga 
  9. Steve Jobs’ widow is giving two L.A. teachers $10 million to start a school for homeless and foster youth 
  10. ‘Edward Snowden did this country a great service. Let him come home’ 
  11. US lifts decades-long trade sanctions against Myanmar 
  12. Muslim Teenager Proposes Emoji of Woman Wearing a Head Scarf15emoji-web-facebookjumbo 
  13. Employees speak out after vet handed 10-month suspension for choking, punching animals

14. Pauline Hanson refuses to apologise for Muslim comments made in Senate maiden speech

15. Iowa teen who pleaded guilty to molesting baby spared prison time

16. No Bail for Man Accused of Driving Into 3 Phoenix Cops

17. ‘We need human interaction’: meet the LA man who walks people for a living

18. Blood runs through streets of Dhaka after mixing with monsoon rains during Eid al-Adha celebrationsdhaka-blood-2

19. Boy, 11, found dead in Echo Park closet weighed just 34 pounds

20. Some Farmers Just Beat a Massive Pipeline Company

21. North Carolina Mom and Son Arrested, Charged With Incest

22. Republicans Inciting Right-Wing Violence After Election Day

23. The Great American Surrender

24. The African American Museum tells powerful stories — but in a disjointed way

25. Campaign Money Magically Makes Lead Paint Safe Again