📌Mavericks’ Mark Cuban To Sit Front & Center of Monday’s Debates To Troll Trump 📌Why We May Never See Dashcam Footage of Charlotte Police Shooting Keith Lamont Scott 📌Ted Cruz Capes For Trump 📌Kevin Garnett Retires After 21 Years 📌Political Nostradamus Predicts Trump Will Win 📌Omarosa Still Insists All Will Still Bow Down To Trump 📌and more!


  1. A mom apparently overdoses next to her child — and why police want you to watch In exchange for that heroin lifesaving shot, it’s looking like the real exchange is a scarlet letter on the addict: The world getting a ‘don’t do drugs’ lesson multiplied by the chance to get to see these people as the zombies of our world: walking dead—and brought back to life. I’m kinda divided on this issue.
  2. Georgia woman rushes out of bed and opens fire on three armed burglars
  3. Man crawls to safety 3 days after crash that killed girlfriend
  4. South Korea’s plan to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
  5. Hustler’s gon’ hust and neighbors gon’ huff—and puff. Underground strip club operates out of Bushwick apartment 
  6. At least 162 bodies recovered after boat carrying hundreds of refugees sinks
  7. Mansfield High Students Mourning Loss of Classmate
  8. Ecuadorian transgender man Fernando Machado gives birth to baby
  9. Ga. police officer charged with making up story suspect shot her
  10. Video Surfaces of Charlotte PD Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott 
  11. Human remains found in McKinley Park Lagoon
  12. Remember ToriSpilling.com reported (in 4th article) that North Carolina was the state to be not required to release dashcam footage? Guess that’s starting with this. Keith Scott’s Family Urges Police to Release Videos of Fatal Shooting …I doubt if we see any of that police dashcam footage anytime soon if, at all. That being the case, good thing his wife had her cell phone footage:
  13. Wife of Keith Scott, Charlotte Shooting Victim, Filmed Police Encounter
  14. Charlotte Shooting Video: Footage Shows Fatal Encounter Between Police, Keith Lamont Scott 
  15. Charlotte shooting video: Scott family releases cell phone footage
  16. Exclusive Video: Moments Leading Up to Charlotte Shooting of Keith Scott
  17. Video Emerges From Scene Of Charlotte Police Shooting Of Keith Scott
  18. Copycat clown, clown gets his wish: To make the news: Lurking clown arrested in Kentucky woods near apartments  (see article 83)
  19. Hasidic leader in racially charged Brooklyn beating found guilty
  20. Officer Betty Shelby Surrenders for Tulsa Shooting
  21. Terence Crutcher Shooting: What’s Next for Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby

“I Come From a Land Down Under”

23. Australia Is Not as Down Under as Everyone Thinks It Is


24. Dozens Of U.S., Canadian Tribes Unite Against Proposed Oil Pipelines




25. It’s Not An Illusion — Lady Gaga’s Joanne Tracklist Is Here

26. Here we are now: Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ at 25

27. Nirvana baby recreates iconic album cover 25 years later



28. Mariners suspend Steve Clevenger without pay for remainder of the season

29. Kevin Garnett to retire after 21 NBA seasons



































  1. This oughta be good: Mark Cuban to take his trolling of Trump to the front row of Monday’s debate
  2. Hillary Clinton wanted to debate Donald Trump on a STEPSTOOL Hillary is going to eat him up, either way. Hillary is too politically poised. Trump is going to totally lose control while she keeps her cool. Don’t mess with a woman who showed up on someone else’s show (Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis) and hit’em with the Duchess seriousness:

…Hillary Clinton has not time to be playing with these boys. She was totally practicing her queen bee stance for this coming Monday. Donald’s to erratic for opposition with such coolness and a biting Scorpio tongue and venom.

Donald Trump is no match for the business she’s gonna bring him come Monday.

Mark my word.

Don’t debate me.


Moving on.

3. US Election 2016: Great debate moments from US history 

4. Voter Registration Deadlines, State by State

5. Abandoning all principles Ted Cruz backs Donald Trump

6. Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump

7. Ted Cruz Announces Support for Donald Trump

8. Ted Cruz announces he’ll vote for Trump

9. Ted Cruz Endorses Trump After Calling Him a “Sniveling Coward”

10. Obama Vetoes 9/11 Bill, Setting Up Showdown With Congress …He’s so Leo. LoL 

11. Obama Vetoes Bill to Let 9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia

12. Obama Vetoes Bill To Allow Sept. 11 Victims To Sue Saudi Government

13. Obama Vetoes Saudi 9/11 Bill, but Congressional Override Is Expected

14. Early Get-Out-the-Vote Efforts Favor Clinton: Ballot Requests in Battleground States

15. If you don’t vote against Trump, we may all soon regret it

16. Trump’s words on women used in new Clinton ad

17. Major Ohio paper endorses Clinton after years of backing GOP

18. Trump aide: Critics will ‘bow down to President Trump’

19. Donald Trump is going to win, says professor who has correctly predicted the last 8 elections  …so what, he’s no Nostradamus *sticks tongue out 

20. Poll: LGBT voters support Clinton over Trump

21. Fbi Gave Top Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Immunity In Email Probe, Rep Says

22. Trump Health Plan Would Raise Costs, Clinton’s Would Insure More

23. Donald Trump’s stop-and-frisk policy raises eyebrows

24. The many times Donald Trump has lied about his mob connections

25. New questions raised about how Trump used his foundation

26. A big step backward for the GOP’s African-American outreach

27. Gary Johnson: Forget about climate change, sun will someday encompass Earth


28. Who is this Robert Smith?’: A quiet billionaire makes some noise with $20 million gift to the African American museum

29. 5 Out of This World Songs That Inspire Elon Musk