📌Disabled Charlotte, N.C. Man, Keith Lamont Scott, 40, Fatally Shot By Police 📌Tulsa Cop Claims She Though Terence Crutcher Was On PCP 📌15 Year-Old Burned Body In Trash Steinmetz College Prep Student 📌No Charges For Cops In Korryn Gaines’ Shooting 📌’8 Mile’ Director Curtis Hanson Dies At 71 📌Popeye’s Rat’s Head Fried Chicken In Harlem Kitchen 📌Trump Says Black Communities In Worst Shape ‘Ever, Ever, Ever’ 📌Amal Clooney Calls On U.K. To Take More Refugees From Syria 📌and more!


  1. N.C. man fatally shot by police, daughter says he wasn’t armed 
  2. Protests erupt after man killed in officer-involved shooting in Charlottekeith-lamont-scott-and-family
  3. Charlotte police shooting
  4. Protests Erupt After Police Seeking Suspect Kill a Different Man in Charlotte, N.C.i-85-wt-harris-blvd-charlotte
  5. U.S. seems intent pushing black people past breaking point
  6. Terence Crutcher police shooting: Justice Department investigating
  7. The Latest: Attorney Says Tulsa Officer Felt Threatened
  8. ACLU: Tulsa officer shot Terence Crutcher ‘in cold blood’
  9. Oklahoma launches criminal probe into shooting of unarmed black man
  10. Tulsa Cop Betty Shelby’s Past Under Scrutiny After Terence Crutcher Shooting
  11. Tulsa cop who fatally shot Terence Crutcher thought he was on PCP ..Uh so what if he was, he still deserved the right to not be shot dead.
  12. Tulsa Officer’s Use of Force Was Not Justified, Say Family Lawyers for Terence Crutcher
  13. Terence Crutcher Remembered as a Church-Going, Family Man
  14. Harinder Bains, the Sikh man who found Ahmad Rahami insists he’s not a hero
  15. Internet Celebrates Sikh-American Man Who Called Police on Bombing Suspect
  16. NY, NJ bombings: Suspect wrote ‘bombs will be heard in the streets,’ Feds say
  17. Federal Charges Filed Against Ny, Nj Bombings Suspect
  18. Mainstream Media Desperate To Hide Muslim Faith Of Attackers
  19. ‘I called the FBI 2 years ago!’: Chelsea bombing suspect’s dad
  20. Body found burned in trash can identified as 15-year-old Steinmetz College Prep studentct-body-found-burned-in-trash-can-identified-as-15-year-old-steinmetz-college-prep-student-20160920
  21. Cops shoot dead ‘disabled’ man in North Carolina: Police claim man was armed with a gun but family insist he was unarmed and reading a book
  22. No charges against officers in standoff that killed Korryn Gaines
  23. ‘8 Mile’ Director Curtis Hanson Dies at 71
  24. Curtis Hanson Dead: ‘L.A. Confidential Writer-Director Was 71
  25. Fried rat’s head is found in a chicken meal at a Harlem Popeyes
























  1. Donald Trump used family charity to settle lawsuits against his businesses
  2. Trump refused to pay winner of 2010 golf contest $1M prize money
  3. Trump Says ‘Places Like Afghanistan are Safer’ Than U.S. Inner Cities
  4. Trump: Black communities in worst shape ‘ever, ever, ever’
  5. African Americans are ‘in the worst shape they’ve ever been,’ Trump says in North Carolina
  6. Trump brags about using ‘other people’s money’ amid questions over charity use
  7. Donald Trump Used Over $250,000 From Charity for Business Disputes
  8. ‘Lula,’ Brazil’s Ex-President, Will Be Tried on Corruption Charges
  9. Clinton Email Wiper Appears To Have Asked Online How To Hide ‘vip’ Info
  10. Petty Donald Trump Accuses Hillary Clinton of ‘Copying’ Him
  11. Wealthy would reap a windfall under Paul Ryan’s plan
  12. Number of those wrongly given citizenship higher than initially reported 
  13. U.S. Erroneously Grants Citizenship To More Than 850 Immigrants
  14. Amal Clooney calls on the UK to take MORE refugees from Syria
  15. Welfare conditions could specify refraining from drug and alcohol abuse, says minister
  16. Hillary Clinton Slated to Spend 52 Times as Much as Donald Trump on Florida TV Ads
  17. Clinton economy speech to focus on valuing people with disabilities
  18. 2016 goes from bad to worse for Chris Christie
  19. Sen. Paul aims to block arms deal with ‘frenemy’ Saudi Arabia
  20. The GOP’s next civil war is brewing
  21. NRA returns to Trump’s defense with $5 million ad buy