1) LoL: “Donald Trump’s Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet” –New York Times

2) Man in waiting: Man waits 10 days at Chinese airport to meet online girlfriend. What happened? Story here

3) Baltimore:



Traffic violation turned standoff turns deadly as 5 year-old shot, mother-Korryn Gaines killed.

Press conference:








Story here

5 Facts you need to know


4) Frank Ocean’s new album allegedly dropped this Friday. Tentatively called “Boys Don’t Cry.” Story here




…guess he didn’t get the memo, cuh:

5) Washington Post: “There Is Something Very Wrong With Donald Trump

6) Study finds men find the expert in themselves on any given subject. Story here

7) Kicking their ass asteroid first: NASA scheduled to go see the asteroid with the slimmest chance of hitting Earth. Story here

8) 911 Is a joke?


Think again. Prank callers subject to punishment and permanently disabled phones. Story here


9) Breastfed Preemies may have larger brains and larger IQ: Story here

10) Amazing dog makeover post-grooming. Story here

11) New Texas gun control laws make carrying guns on campus permissible. Story here   

12) Apple replaces pistol gun emoji with water gun emoji. Story here


13) Politics USA: “Republicans Nearing A State Of Collapse As The VFW Strongly Condemns Donald Trump” 

14) Thanks to $2 million dollar donation, Texas Planned Parenthood to offer IUDs, Story here

15) Campaigners for HIV win NHS battle. Story here



Shannen Doherty’s breast cancer has spread: Story here

     16a) (more here)

17) Sign POTUS’ birthday card here!

18) Australia is moving on New Year’s Day. Story here

19) New age discrimination law bars employers from aged-based hiring. Story here

20) You can’t walk with us: New York Sex Offenders banned from downloading and playing PokemonGo. Story here


idiot parents21) Parents leave 2 year-old alone to go play PokemonGo. Story here

22) Nine year old intercepts woman trying to take her newborn brother from the hospital. Story here  

23) Oprah’s new book club selection: “Underground Railroad”



24) Author says vegetarians and vegans are bullied in Australia. Story here

25) This is what happens if your iPhone explodes in your pocket. Story here

26) “FULL TEXT: De Lima’s privilege speech on extrajudicial killingssen.-de-lima-2

27) What’s with the smelly pink blob floating in the Indian Ocean? Story here

28) Two dogs dragged for miles by 4×4 driver with children in the car. Story here

29) Michael Savage posts Islamic crime news on Facebook and gets blocked—by Facebook. Story here

30) Charleston church killer Dylann Roof’s lawyers challenge death penalty. Story here

31) Footprints across the sky: The night sky this week will show planets line up at sunset. Cool! Story here