Actor Robert De Niro talks to reporters and film professionals during "Coffee with..." event during the 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, August 13, 2016. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic



  1. Yo Mama Trump Heckles Protester: ‘Your Mother Is Voting for Trump!’
  2. Scientists found out why clever people find it difficult to fall in love
  3. A 6-year-old girl is preparing to go blind by seeing as much of the world as she can
  4. Baby fighting for life after police say mom beat her
  1. Cop Sees Boy Alone In Public With A Teddy Bear, Then Realizes He’s Trying To Sell It For Food
  1. Stop Treating Marijuana Like Heroin
  1. Phelps Loses to 21-Year-Old Joseph Schooling Who Idolized Him as a Boy
  2. 8 Years After His Fanboy Moment, Joseph Schooling Stops Michael Phelps’ Golden Run At The Olympics
  3. Olympics: ‘Nobody is happy to lose, but I’m proud of Jo’ – Phelps
  4. Somebody (His Name’s Joseph Schooling) Finally Beats Michael Phelps
  5. Why Michael Phelps’ Silver Is The Perfect Way To End His Last Individual Race Ever
  6. Joseph Schooling is Singapore’s first-ever Olympics champion
  7. Was Olympic swimmer Joseph Schooling raised by a Filipina nanny
  8. Joseph Schooling won $1 million for winning a gold medal at Rio Olympics
  1. Michelle Carter Wins Team USA’s First Shot Put Gold, Joins Father Michael As Olympic Medalist
  2. Michelle Carter wins gold in women’s shot put, first ever for USA in event
  1. American Maya DiRado wins 200 backstroke
  1. Men cut their beads and women burn their burkas as their Syrian city is liberated from Islamic State
  2. Women rip off their burqas as Syrian residents of Manbij celebrate rescue from Isil
  3. IS conflict: Manbij residents celebrate liberation
  4. Joy In Syria’s Manbij As Rebels Liberate Islamic State-Held City
  5. Isis: Incredible photos show civilians celebrating freedom in Syria by cutting beards and burning burqas
  6. Rebels Take City Of Manbij From IS In Syria
  7. Women rip off their burqas as Syrian residents of Manbij celebrate rescue from Isil
  8. Banning the burkini is misogynistic – and Western feminists are turning a blind eye
  1. S.-backed forces liberate key city from ISIS, freeing 2,000 hostages
  1. Leader of ISIS in Afghanistan Killed in U.S. Drone Strike: Pentagon
  1. Rio Olympics 2016: Kariman Abuljadayel makes Saudi history in 100m
  1. Ibrahimovic boldly claims: Pogba joined Manchester United to play with me
  1. Michael Jordan Sends Gear to Man Who Plays Pick-Up Ball in Full MJ Uniform
  2. Guy who wears Jordan uni gets surprise of his life from MJ
  3. Michael Jordan makes a fan’s day with surprise phone call, letter, gifts
  1. Tim Duncan Declined Olympics Invitation from President Obama
  1. Trump and the exploitation of right rage: It’s not the economy, stupid, that’s attracting angry white men to him
  1. Trump Spokesperson Says Obama Invaded Afghanistan. He Didn’t
  1. Robert de Niro Says Donald Trump Is ‘Totally Nuts’
  2. Robert De Niro: ‘Donald Trump is totally nuts’
  1. Inside the Failing Mission to Save Donald Trump From Himself
  1. Kenny Baker, Star Wars R2-D2 actor, dies aged 81
  2. Kenny Baker, The Actor Who Brought R2-D2 to Life, Dies at 83
  1. Staten Island boy, 13, kills self after school ignored bullying
  2. Bullied 13-year-old left heartbreaking letter before killing himself
  1. A federal judge smacked down John Kasich’s attempt to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio
  1. Which new tag team debuted on WWE Power Rankings?
  1. The Zero Star Hotel In Switzerland Doesn’t Have Walls Or A Ceiling But You Won’t Be Complaining

  1. New Mexico police officer shot, killed during traffic stop


  1. Rio Olympics 2016: Andy Murray beats Kei Nishikori to reach gold-medal match


  1. Irish Rowers Deserve Gold For Funniest TV Interview At Rio 2016


  1. India’s Fastest Female Sprinter Dutee Chand Had This Bizarre Excuse For Failing In 100m


  1. This Is Why There Are So Many Ties In Swimming


  1. USA Swimming Wants More Diversity In The Pool


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