world-fb1) Get it in. The world’s suppose to end today. Story here

2) Hillary Clinton Makes U.S History as first female presidential nominee. Story here


3) 18 year-old Malia Obama caught—teening: Skipped the DNC for some Lollapalooza f.u.n. Story here


5) Hillary’s full DNC text speech here

6) Former president (the late) Ronald Reagan’s former speechwriter endorses Hillary (and advises all other republicans to as well)-says Trump is “unbalanced.”  

[youtube https://youtu.be/l-bWKPiFGZQ&w=310&h=157]

Transcript here 

7) Gone too far: Mangerie for…yes, for men. Story here


8) Back to the acronym: MTV’s taking it back: Launching ‘Classic” music channel strictly dedicated to 90s through early 2000s. Story here 

9) Officers in Freddie Gray case to sue Marilyn Mosby. Story here

10) (North Korea’s so jealous of us) Declares war—again. Story here  

11) No fair: Without a cure, we may not survive cancer but it can. See what a 1.7 million-year old bone cancer looks like. Story here  



12) Six charged with #FlintWaterCrisis over negligence-warning sigh blatantly ignored? Crisis minimized? Covered up?


  12a)  (more on that story here)

13) This guy does 1,200 push ups a day. Story here

14) Twitter Know it All: Kelly Clarkson drags Twitter troll for dissing First Lady Michelle Obama’ speech. Story here

Kelly Clarkson

15) Our 39th and former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, endorses Hillary Clinton. Story here

16) “Stop Interrupting my grindIN!” Beyonce sued for Lemonade. Wants case dismissed. Story here 



17) Getting that old thang back: Might we be getting the old “My Life” Mary J. Blige back?

[youtube https://youtu.be/MWzoDmNaE5I?list=PLyFhv4ZxsvCQ0okjcVKK3KiFL7bhViGjF&w=310&h=157]

Singer divorcing husband of 13 years Kendu Issacs (+ deletes all her IG photos).


Mary I goin down

Story here


law and order candidate trump18) Is Trump’s suggestion he is the “law and order” candidate a racially coded message? Story here

19) Verdict.Justia.com: Trump’s Law and Order Versus the Rule of Law

20) Deseretnews.com: What will Americans sacrifice for Donald Trump’s ‘law and order’?



21) Until you are outside of your comfort zone, you won’t learn anything. Read why


Fast forward:

22) Rapper Nicki Minaj’s brother Offered Plea Deal After His DNA Found on Rape Accuser’s Clothes. Story here
Life comes at you fast: 

nick da fuq


23) No. That wasn’t a resurrected Martin Luther King you heard at last night’s DNC, that was Rev. William Barber, resuscitating the nation.


[youtube https://youtu.be/gARt1GGM7d4&w=310&h=157]

Story here

24) I say they should be required to pass a cultural sensitivity emotional response test, (which over 50% would probably fail), but should police officers be required to have a college degree? Story here

25) Which, which: Rio Olympic committee lives like one and the Olympic team lives in the other. You choose.

26) LATimes: Some Republicans Are Speaking to Support Hillary Clinton at DNC


[youtube https://youtu.be/kLwoHQiZZRc&w=310&h=157]

      26a) 32+ names in the GOP now backing Hillary. Story here

      26b) Republican women that showed up for Hillary. Story here

27) Runaway bride? –or Flowergirl?

[youtube https://youtu.be/F9-xW0QzyJ0&w=310&h=157]


28) Restrictive high school hair policy pretty much eliminates all African American hairstyles.

WDRB 41 Louisville News


Story here

29) San Diego cops surround house of alleged cop killer involved in deadly shooting. Story here

30) North Carolina sought to add yet, another one of it’s meticulous, targeted, biased laws to no avail prevail. Circuit court strike VoterID law. Story here

31) Omarosa’s got her job cut out for her: Trump’s “Minority Outreach” team struggling to wheel’em in. Story here

32) Trump tired of media ‘trying’ to put his words into the context by which he really means it some sort of context? Story here

33 Trump wants to ‘hit’ the DNC speakers who dissed him. Story here

34) Trump post DNC day 4 Twitter rant. Story here  

35) Hillary Clinton’s economy said to create 10.4 million jobs in 4 years. Story here

36) Retro regret: Pope Francis visits Auschwitz death camp: “Forgive us for so much cruelty.” Story here

37) Prosecutors in Sandra Bland case accused of coverup. Story here

38) Humpback Whale Superman: Humpback whales protecting other animals from killer Whales. Story here

39) Venezuela Zoos must want their animals to be model thin ready when you visit. Reportedly, animals are starving there. Story here