TORISPILLING SPILLS: 📌Plop, Plop. Fizz, Fizz Oh What a ̶R̶e̶l̶i̶e̶f̶ Recall It Is 📌2 Measles Cases Put U.S. Travelers on High Alert 📌Sen. Jeff Flake Calls for 2020 GOP Challenger to Trump 📌L.A. Woman Demands Answer Re: Boulder Pushed Off Cliff that Killed Husband with 4 Year-Old in Car 📌Trump Atty Scrambles to Gain Control of the Storm–y Daniels Case 📌Maryland Police Officer Arrested on Federal Mail-Fraud Charges 📌Man Claiming to Have Had a Hand in the Natalee Holloway Case Found Stabbed to Death 📌Tourists Flung In In At Ski Resort 📌Russia Add More Americans to Its ‘Black List’ In Response to Sanction 📌and More!





Measles spreading, infecting travelers in U.S. airports



Travelers beware: Potential measles outbreak at three major U.S. airports








Trump: Governor Brown has done a poor job running California




Workers injured in chemical plant explosion in Texas



Watch Out-Of-Control Ski Lift Send People Flying



Watch: Malfunctioning ski lift sends passengers flying


Resort horror: Ski lift spins out of control, forcing people to jump to safety (GRAPHIC)


Ski lift malfunction in Georgia sends people in panic



Multiple injuries after Georgia ski lift malfunctions



Man Who Claims He Was Accomplice in Natalee Holloway’s Murder Is Killed: Cops


Man with ties to Natalee Holloway case killed in attempted kidnapping



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