{Trending on Twitter}: Bishop Of New Birth Baptist Megachurch 📌Eddie Long Dies At 63 + The Controversy, Scandals Via Comprehensive Article Timelines

  1.  📌Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Releasing Tell-All Book 
  2.  📌It’s Complicated: The Bishop and Eddie Long
  3.  📌Atlanta’s New Birth Church Says Bishop Eddie Long Died of ‘Aggressive Form of Cancer’
  4.  📌After Eddie Long’s Death, Daughter Says He Was ‘Perfect,’ Others Point to His Cloud of Secrets
  5.  From Nigeria: 📌American Megachurch Pastor Eddie Long Dies At 63 
  6.  📌Religious leader Eddie Long passes away after battle with cancer
  7.  📌Frank Ski remembers Eddie Long: “He helped a lot of people”
  8.  📌Bishop Eddie Long’s Daughter Taylor Pays Tribute to Her Father on Instagram
  9.  📌Controversial megachurch Bishop Eddie Long dies at 63
  10.  📌Religious leader Eddie Long passes away after battle with cancer
  11.  📌Megachurch Pastor Eddie Long Dead At 63
  12.  📌Bishop Eddie Long dead: Cause of death revealed by New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in statement
  13.  📌Eddie Long’s Death and Homophobic Theological Legacy
  14.  📌Bishop Eddie Long’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
  15.  📌Kim Burrell Predicted Eddie Long’s 2017 Death, Says Twitter: ‘You Play With It In 2017, You’ll Die From It.’ [Video]
  16. 📌How the Death of Bishop Eddie Long Exposes the Black Church’s Dangerous Hypocrisy
  17. 📌Eddie Long, Georgia megachurch pastor embroiled in scandal, dies
  18. 📌Eddie Long Dead: Cause of Death ‘Aggressive Form of Cancer,’ Wife Vanessa & New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Release Statements
  19. 📌Bishop Eddie Long, Controversial And Influential Megachurch Leader Outside Atlanta, Dies Age 63
  20. 📌Who is Bishop Eddie Long?
  21. 📌Bernice King offers condolences to family of Bishop Eddie Long
  22. 📌Bishop Eddie Long’s last public interview, sits down with Steve Harvey
  23. 📌Controversial megachurch Bishop Eddie Long dies at 63
  24. 📌New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is mourning the loss of Bishop Eddie Long
  25. 📌Celebrities React to the Death of Eddie Long
  26. 📌BISHOP EDDIE LONG: Influential religious leader in Atlanta dies at age 63
  27. 📌Who is Bishop Eddie Long?
  28. 📌Controversial Atlanta magachurch Bishop Eddie Long has died
  29. 📌Church confirms passing of Bishop Eddie Long
  30. 📌Dead amid AIDS rumours: Bishop Eddie Long
  31. 📌Bishop Eddie Long Dies: Statement From New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

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  32. 📌Pastor Eddie Long dies after battle with cancer
  33. 📌Bishop Eddie Long dies, church says
  34. 📌Reports: Bishop Eddie Long dead at 63 – WMC Action News 5
  35. 📌Megachurch pastor Eddie Long dead
  36. 📌WATCH: Is Bishop Eddie Long’s son sending a message to ‘negroes’ criticizing his father?
  37. “I said, let me tell you something. I said if I was going for my ego, I’d lay here. If I was going trying to prove something, I’d lay here. I said God ain’t through with me and sometimes you need to see the skinny Eddie and the big Eddie and all that. It ain’t got nothing to do with physical appearance, it’s what in your heart,” Long narrated, as quoted by Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 📌Bishop Eddie Long refuses to stay home despite illness
  38. 📌What’s Ailing Bishop Eddie Long?
  39. 📌Fellow Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams Slams Kim Burrell for Comments Against Eddie Long
  40. 📌Eddie Long Tells Church He’s Ignoring Their Calls Because People Are Asking Too Many Questions
  41. 📌What does the Word say? Poking fun at Bishop Eddie Long’s affliction isn’t Christ-like   related article news (over at our sister site
  42. 📌Eddie Long Weight Loss Brings Death Concerns
  43. 📌This Most Recent Video of Eddie Long Will Shock You
  44. 📌Bishop Eddie Long Resurfaces With Shockingly Frail Appearance… (PHOTOS)