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Although (in this blog post) Tori Spilling provided highlights and listed over 100 articles written about the goings on at the Women’s March, we still made it possible for you to watch 6+ hours of the March!

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At any rate.


Text: “Women” to 40649

THIS…THAT…(above mentioned text) is what a “movement” is all ABOUT! FCKING. ACTION. MOVING FORWARD! Organization. Numbers got passed around and a plan of ACTION was in place!

That is me. My tweets. My words. And that is how I’ve felt about these marches, protests and Internet activism… until today.

Will the women’s march be another Occupy, or a Democratic Tea Party?

…Not hardly.

Neverrrrrrrr (in my lifetime) have I EVER truly felt the seriousness in solidarity and camaraderie in a march that made me TRULY FEEL like work was going to be done when the sun comes up the next day and the poignant Twit pics circulate run amok. I totally cried throughout these speeches.  It’s not just rhetoric and Internet activism…


My heart is so full and fluttering right now…

‘Ugly Betty’ / ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” America Ferrara took the cottdamn wheel real pretty this afternoon. And Madonna, Kerry Washington and all rode shotgun:

The president is NOT “America.” His cabinet NOT Co”America.” Congress is NOT “America.” “WE ARE AMERICA. And WE are here to stay.” -America Ferrara

These women (and men) showed the ‘fck’ up. Spoke the ‘fck’ up. And showed OUT today, okay?


In case you don’t know what “grab them by the pussy” or #nastywomen means

  1.  “Permitted?”…Therein lies the BIRTH of the problem. 📌Mike Pence Disappointed In The 200,000 Husbands And Fathers Who Permitted Women To Attend March
  2. 📌Women’s March Is The Biggest Protest In US History As An Estimated 2.9 Million March
  3. 📌Here are the best signs from the Women’s March
  4. 📌89 Badass Feminist Signs From The Women’s March On Washington
  5. 📌14 powerful photos that show the unity of women’s marches around the world
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  7. 📌There Are More People At National Mall For Women’s March Than Attended Trump Inauguration
  8. 📌Mexico City marchers demand rights for women and migrants
  9. 📌Ivanka Trump’s brother-in-law Josh Kushner spotted at Women’s March on Washington
  10. 📌Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent
  11. 📌Organizer For DC Women’s March, Linda Sarsour Is Pro Sharia Law with Ties To Hamas
  12.  📌The Women’s March was a stand against complacency
  13. ICYMI: 📌Everything You Need to Know About the Women’s March
  14. 📌’We march for the 53 percent of white women who voted for that other guy’
  15. 📌Mansplaining the women’s march? Twitter’s having none of it
  16. 📌Women’s march is an intergenerational affair: ‘I feel like this is the first time our generation has felt struggle’
  17. 📌6 Compelling Things Gloria Steinem Said at the Women’s March
  18. 📌The Women’s March Has a Shameful Problem
  19. 📌How the Women’s March Can Bolster Feminism
  20. 📌How the women’s march came into being
  21. 📌Photos from the ground at the historic Women’s March in Washington, DCCNN apologizes for airing Madonna F-bombs at march
  22. 📌PHOTOS: Women’s March on Denver
  23. 📌The Sundance Film Festival adds star power to the Park City women’s march
  24. 📌Madonna to critics of women’s march: ‘F–k you’
  25. 📌Tens of thousands march in St. Paul with message for Trump
  26. 📌The Women’s March Was So Big It Almost Didn’t March
  27. 📌Chicago Women’s March becomes too big for an actual march
  28. 📌Chicago women’s march cancelled, but rally will continue
  29. 📌Lin-Manuel Miranda joins women’s march in London Lin-Manuel Miranda joins women's march in London
  30. 📌Illinoisans march in Washington: Their stories
  31. 📌Women’s march takes over DC
  32. 📌Police: 100,000 attend Boston Common Women’s March
  33. 📌The Latest: New estimate pegs Women’s March at half million
  34. 📌Thousands take to the streets of NYC for Women’s March
  35. 📌Chelsea Handler leads Sundance edition of Women’s March
    1. 📌Chelsea Handler explains why she’s leading a march against ‘predator-in-chief’ Trump
  36. 📌’Je suis nasty’: Women in Paris march against Trump
  37. 📌Here’s what Hillary Clinton thinks about the Women’s March
  38. 📌Immigrant Workers on the March
  39. 📌Women’s March Protesters Denied Entry to US At Canadian Border
  40. 📌Longtime inaugural parade announcer passed over by Trump speaks at the Women’s March
  41. 📌Hundreds of thousands of women march in Washington
  42. 📌These Muslim Teens Just Went To Their First Women’s March. They Could Have Led it.
  43. 📌Problems and delays with BART station after S.F. march
  44. 📌Locals march in D.C. to advocate for women’s rights, equality
  45. 📌Illinois teacher at D.C. march: ‘We’re not going to be ignored’
  46. 📌Foreign Protesters March On US Embassy To ‘Dump Trump’
  47. 📌Thousands gather in downtown Las Vegas in solidarity with women’s marches around the world
  48. ICYMI: 📌Women’s Marches: Celebrities lend star power to events
  49. ICYMI: 📌Katy Perry, Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, Ariana Grande and More Attend Women’s Marches Across

    Rihanna. WomensMarchLA 1.21.17
  50. ICYMI: 📌Moore, Warren Kick Off Women’s Marches With Words of Protest
  51. ICYMI: 📌Traffic alert: Women’s march now 3 miles long; organizers estimate crowd has reached 100,000
  52. ICYDK: 📌There Are Women’s Marches Taking Place On Every Continent
  53. ICYMI: 📌Elizabeth Warren fires up women’s march in Boston: “I’m here to fight back”
  54. 📌U.S. border agents turned away Canadians hoping to join Women’s March
  55. 📌A-list celebs out in force for anti-Trump women’s marches
  56. 📌Women’s marches draw millions in resistance to Trump
  57. 📌Thousands turn out for Women’s marches across B.C.
  58. 📌Thousands gather in downtown Las Vegas in solidarity with women’s marches around the world
  59. 📌See just how many protesters showed up for Women’s Marches across the U.S.
  60. 📌Women’s marches draw millions in resistance to Trump
  61. 📌Crowds turn out for women’s marches across Illinois
  62. 📌Intersectional Feminism: Representation In Saturday’s Women’s Marches
  63. Women’s Marches Across The Country Highlight Numerous Issues
  64. 📌Gregg Popovich comments on Women’s Marches and what about Trump ‘scares the hell’ out of him
  65. 📌From London to LA, women’s marches pack cities big and small
  66. 📌Women lead mass anti-Trump marches across US
  67. 📌Striking photos of Women’s Marches around the world
  68. 📌Women’s marches kick off Down Under
  69. ICYMI: 📌Women’s marches scheduled for New Orleans
  70. ICYMI: T📌he leading ladies in Hollywood are coming out in support of Women’s Marches all over the U.S.A

    Debbie Allen (ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy) and Kerry Washington (ABC’s Scandal) #WomensMarchLA 1.21.17
  71. ICYMI: 📌Weather should shine on California women’s marches
  72. ICYMI: 📌Residents going to women’s marches say ‘leaders need to hear our voices’
  73. ICYMI: 📌10 Arizona women’s marches planned for Jan. 21
  74. 📌Critic’s Notebook: The Women’s March on Washington Makes History, Except on Fox News
  75. 📌Sanders on women’s march: Trump ‘you made a big mistake’
  76. 📌Janelle Monae Reminds Us to Choose ‘Freedom Over Fear’ at Women’s March
  77. 📌An estimated 5,000 people sing, chant, demonstrate at Baltimore’s sister Women’s March
  78. 📌Women’s march on Washington: The Top Moments (speeches/music: Alicia Keys, America Ferrara, Gloria Steinam, Michael Moore and more!) 
  79. 📌Madonna’s fiery, profanity-laced Women’s March speech shocked some, inspired others
  80. 📌Who marched? Snapshots of 11 groups who participated in Women’s March on Denver
  81. 📌Massive women’s march in downtown L.A. said to be largest in over a decade
  82. 📌Scarlett Johannson Shares Her Own Planned Parenthood Story At The Women’s March (Offtopic Sidenote: #NEVERFORGET My. GOD).
  83. 📌L.A. women’s march turns out 750k demonstrators

    Alicia Keys #WomensMarchLA 1.21.17
  84. 📌California’s Kamala Harris takes her place in the anti-Trump movement
  85. 📌Who started the march? One woman
  86. 📌Don’t Let Anybody Tell You the Marches Didn’t Matter
  87. 📌Estimated 60,000 join Women’s March in St. Paul
  88. 📌Hillary Clinton’s Personal March on Washington
  89. 📌This Is The Poem Ashley Judd Read at the Women’s March on Washington
  90. 📌Women’s March on Washington: Beyonce, Olivia Wilde, Ariana Grande Show Support
  91. 📌Warren: ‘I’m here to fight back’
  92. 📌Women’s march is an intergenerational affair: ‘I feel like this is the first time our generation has felt struggle’
  93. 📌Thousands gather at anti-Trump march on Boston Common
  94. 📌Police: 100,000 attend Boston Common Women’s March
  95. 📌How Repeal of Affordable Care Act Could Impact LGBTQ Community

    Women's march in Chicago
    Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune Lucy Lindgren holds a poster while marching with others into Grant Park for the Women’s March in Chicago on Jan. 21, 2017.
  96. 📌This isn’t the first time thousands of women have taken to the streets in D.C.
  97. 📌Madonna: ‘Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House’
  98. 📌Massive Women’s March turnouts prompt change of plans in D.C., Chicago
  99. 📌March an opportunity for Donald Trump
  100. 📌Cher Calls ‘Hardball’ to Talk Trump, Women’s March: “People From All Over the World Don’t Like Him”Cher arrives for the Women's March on Washington on Independence Ave. (Sait Serkan Gurbuz / Associated Press)
  101. 📌Jesse Jackson photobombs Cher interview at Women’s March on Washington
  102. 📌Texas Capital draws massive crowds of female protesters
  103. 📌High-profile celebrities march at Sundance Film Festival
  104. 📌Tammy Duckworth wears ‘Don’t f with me’ jacket
  105. 📌There’s even a Women’s March in Antarctica
  106. 📌Large crowd forces cancellation of women’s march but rally continues
  107. 📌Women’s march is an intergenerational affair: ‘I feel like this is the first time our generation has felt struggle’
  108. 📌The Womxn’s March on Seattle and how Trump spurred women to activism, on The Overcast
  109. 📌Make some noise for change after silent Womxn’s March
  110. 📌I’m Anti-Trump, But I Refuse to March
  111. 📌Why I won’t be at the Women’s March: Column
  112. 📌ESPN Offers Their Social Media Sites as Platform for Leftist Activists at Women’s March
  113. 📌Women’s March a ‘Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Abortion Movement’
  114. 📌Anti-abortion crowd takes to S.F. streets for annual march
  115. 📌Anti-abortion protesters march in San Francisco
  116. 📌Anti-Abortion Group Bumped From Women’s March Stakes Out A Place Anyway
  117. 📌For one anti-abortion group, women’s march was ‘brutal’
  118. 📌Over 1 Million New York Women Will Have Access to Free Contraception and Abortions
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In the words of John Kerry:  “We’re not going backwards”




32 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of Women’s Marches Around The World