📌Breaking: Harvey Flooding Forces Release from Addicks and Barker 📌FEMA: “We’re Setting Up Texas For Years” 📌Texas Governor, Trump & Celebs on Texas Hurricane + 📌The CRUELEST Fucking Hurricane Harvey Headline EVER! 📌And More!

The Big Tree, a live oak that is more than 1,000-years-old survived Hurricane Harvey's landfall near Goose Island State Park. See more images of the flooding caused by Harvey.  Photo: Texas Department Of Parks And Wildlife
Photo: Texas Department Of Parks And Wildlife


  • Rev. Franklin Graham: Texas needs our prayers




We love our friends at Washington Post and granted, this headline was written long before the disaster struck (to the magnitude that we’re all seeing currently/hours later).

But aside from Trump (so tackily) jumping from one extreme to another–with a tweet that could have been saved ’til the morning:

…our friend’s (at the Washington Post)’s headline was suck-your-teeth and mouth-dropping cruel not well thought out. LoL. It’s just one of those headlines like that “friend” (that you didn’t find out til’ later) was all along on some silly secret mission in life to ‘outshine’ you—and you didn’t know it until found one raindrop in search for rain on your end. Smh. LoL.


WTF! WHO authored that headline! LoL