[Spiel] 📌The Demise of “Politically Correct” Officially Met: Trump Under Fire For “Fire and Fury” Statements Aimed at North Korea📌

When I was a kid, where I grew up, a war of words were fighting words.

In the event your “fighting words” ended with some one body afraid to go to war, a stick on the shoulder of each would serve as the tool to break the fear.

A “fear-breaker,” if you will must—because if the stick came out, you, my dear, had NO choice but to walk your talk.

You see, whoever was first to knock the stick off the other’s shoulder took “first lick.”

“First lick” meant the other person had better swing. If you didn’t swing, you could never live it down in town.

Fast forward. Such is life right now but instead, the stick is now a missile.

In the words of David Letterman: “Whoa Nelly.”

In case you live under a rock—well…you might be alright and do quite well staying there actually, but I’ll brief you.

I don’t know if Trump had this “Fury” an thoughts of slaying with his mind, but comments he made about fire, fury and power is causing much-ado-about everything.

Sir. This is NOT a movie. These are moves.

If you have been reading ToriSpilling.com all this and last week, then you know that things are more tense between the U.S and North Korea than ever before. North Korea’s turning up on their threats to strike the U.S “ten-fold” over what their trigger finger’s been itching to do.

This, as the result of the United Nations placing sanctions on the rogue country who turned a deaf ear on that and instead, continued to drop death threats on the U.S.

On vacation at his golf resort, president Trump took elected to press pause on concentrating on the eye-hand coordination of his golf swing. Instead, he held a press conference folding his hands upon his chest while hiding “big” hands that he so highly regards.

It was as if his well hidden big hands traded places with his mouth though. And out comes just the kind of fighting words that North Korea’s dictator Kim Jung has been dying to hear to get this war started.

Today, U.S Intelligence confirmed, that North Korea does indeed have small nuclear warhead nukes for big missiles capable of backing up their every threat they’ve sent our way.

Wags are now wondering if the businessman turned president’s statement about going after the regime with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” is a check written that asses can’t cash.

According to the country’s state-run agency KCNA, a return-fire threat and war of words was just enough to provoke Kim Jun. Following Trump’s statement, Kim Jung THEN decided to act on the missile he threatened to take the U.S. out with, within the next few months and instead, make an example out of Guam.

Reportedly, plans are being drafted to start sending medium to long range missiles to Guam.

As you may or may not know, Guam is the central location of approximately 6000 deployed U.S. military personnel and their families.

No word yet from Trump since Kim Jung making it known that Guam would be the first to get that work within the next few days or so.

America has a (unspoken) bureaucratic, systematic, way of life whereby from age 5 and preschool, it’s on. Things we adhere to, and follow from 1st through 12th grade lay the groundwork for the “future.” From there, (traditionally) it’s on to college (and/or the military). From there (traditionally) it’s on to the “American Dream” (traditionally-with a family). It will forever amaze me that a (along with that) a country’s whose pledge and promise is liberty, freedom and opportunities-a-plenty is attainable. Yet, “America” KEEPS being led with nepotism and by men who have NEVER gone to college and/or never been military servicemen therefore, don’t even have the BASICS in understanding discipline and order. This country set itself a NEW low with a businessman (with even a questionable business record in BUSINESS), lead this country! Meanwhile, out in the world, Americans are still being met with closed doors for not “being fit” for certain jobs etc., for not being qualified? Seriously!

Even the WORD “politically correct” met its demise since January 2017 when Donald Trump became president. I’m offended when I hear that out in the world beneath the presidency, people are considered unqualified for ANYTHING at this point. Yet, we condemn millennials for being online with feeling more important and thinking they are ‘worth’ more than they even have a footprint to back up! Well no wonder! We don’t even have a country being lead by someone with the footprint of an example of “The American Way.” And even before Trump-have we not. Frankly, (regardless of his/her party) NOBODY should be president of the United States of America who doesn’t come from humble beginnings and who doesn’t who exemplify (exactly) the opportunities that await him/her if they work hard to overcome being overpowered. Off the top of MY head, I think Barack Obama’s the only one meeting all those requirements, thus far.

Generally speaking, my problem with Donald J. Trump on everything outside of being president is: NOTHING. Given the climate we live in today-where everybody is tweeting and talking for reward in hopes of awards-I gravitate and only trust outspoken people, especially in areas where being outspoken is necessary. As i fell that that behavior is counterproductive, and counterintuitive and truly what’s rocking the emotional atmosphere because these types aren’t who they tweet they are when no one’s watching. And they don’t even take the steps necessary to be who they tweet they are unless there is reward or award–and the world can witness it. But my problem with Trump as my president is EVERYTHING (and that “everything” is what I just mentioned).


Dems, and some republicans-including the diplomatically sensible John McCain-are frowning upon Trump’s half-cocked, cocky statement.



Many feel (and stated) Trump’s war of words could quite possibly cause one-unnecessarily and crass such that President’s before him knew better than to make such statements that may quite possibly cause destruction to places and in ways, we may (or may not) be able to defend just yet-especially given U.S Intelligence uncovering Kim Jung’s missiles he’s been bragging about was far from fake news and alternative facts—just as sure as we all hope this is mess were in was fiction.


Of all the social media “challenges” that run rampant, this is one challenge we certainly don’t want North Korea accepting.