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Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV


Update: 7.17.17

Turns out, the woman (who the gender reveal party was for-Cheyanne Willis) wasn’t even pregnant. It came out that she was on file for having been assaulted by another woman at Cincinnati Mills Mall in January 2015. Reportedly, Cheyanne was rolled up on and roughed up for having kept the other woman’s car who (according to ‘her side’ of the video), lent her the car which was supposed to eventually be sold to her (Cheyanne). In this extended video, both girls are granted an interview and I will let you decide what happened. I DEFINITELY have more to add to this but for now (as, I had a horrifying experience with a girl who was a pathological liar JUST like this chick-they will have you wrapped up in some sht that will get you killed for their lies. I’ve ALWAYS said that).

For now, I will stop here. This is exhausting 📌(more on our Instagram)


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