{On Video} 📌Bengals’ Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Wishes Arresting Cop Dead 📌13 Year Old Bullies Mom On Dr. Phil – Catches A Street Whippin’ 📌Ellen Meets 16 Year-Old Science Podcaster 📌Father Permits Son One Swear Word After Being Bullied By Big Brother 📌and More!

  1. Bengals CB Adam Pacman Jones to Cops During Arrest: ‘I Hope You Die Tomorrow’ 
  2. John Wick is Michael Jackson
  3. JUST IN: Dems Just Blocked One Of Trump’s Most Controversial Cabinet Picks 
  4. Lakers News: Luke Walton Open To Kobe Bryant Helping Out Team
  5. MELANIA MOVED TO TEARS By “How Great Thou Art” Performance At Inaugural Prayer Service By Blind, Non-Hollywood Celebrity Marlana VanHoose
  6. The N Word
  8. IRONY! WATCH WHAT HAPPENS WHEN FEMALE REPORTER Punched In The Face At Women’s March…Find This Man! 
  9. Trump Surrogate Pushes Blatantly False ‘Illegal’ Voters Lie, Gets Ripped By Entire CNN Panel 
  10. Kellyanne Conway: You Can Already Feel the ‘Trump Effect’ in Washington
  11. Graham: Trump’s false claim shakes confidence – CNN Video
  12. Disgraced Dan Rather pontificates on honesty
  13. ALTERNATIVE FACTS  Randy Rainbow Song Parody (ft. Kellyanne Conway) 
  14. Peters Remarks in Opposition to DeVos’ Nomination as Secretary of Education
  15. Ex-Professional Basketball Player Shot Dead in First Murder for Almost 100 Years in Vermont State Capital
  16. Father Allows Son to Say One Swear Word After Older Bro Bullies Him
  17. The Left & Islam: Unholy Alliance
  18. Girl Who Disrespected Own Mother on Dr Phil Gets Ripped Out of Car by Hair
  19. I got a kiss
  20. Episode 2: Paying Attention with Robert Reich and Matthew Segal
  21. Kid’s Mom Explodes After Son Steals Credit Card to Buy PS4
  22. Metal Remix of Anti-Trump Protesters Screams Hilarious Regardless of Political Party Affiliation
  23. Helping friend
  24. Watch Trump’s cabinet pick humiliate him by admitting his inaugural crowd was tiny 
  25. Try this guys
  26. Try for yourself!
  27. Video – Amazing runs by Cristiano Ronaldo
  28. Pepsi vs Coca-cola
  29. Kyrie Irving Leaves Two Young Fans With Unforgettable Memory
  30. Stephen A. says Carmelo to the Cavs would be a ‘megadeal’ 
  31. Ellen Meets a 6-Year-Old Science Podcaster
  32. Gfycat GIFs GIF | Create, Discover and Share on Gfycat
  33. Wannabe “Thug” Who Disrespected Her Mother On Dr.Phil Show Gets Her Ass Beat On The Streets!

33. Chick Tells The Story Of How She Gave Some Disrespectful Guys The Shock Of Their Lives At Walmart!

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