What You Need To Know About That Nagging WINDOWS Update And Your ADOBE FLASH PLAYER …Right Now


Windows UpdateGetting that annoying popup telling you that in 10 minutes your computer will self-destruct (unless you elect to “postpone”) your personal Armageddon?

As well, are you having weird things happening with your Adobe Flash Players and other plug-ins on desktop and mobile devices telling YOU it needs YOUR permission in order to run while pressing buttons and screaming: “You have my permission! You have my permission. Now let me move on!!!”

Well scream no more. For starters, read below mentioned information (clean out those 100 open tabs, quit postponing your update, and let the
process begin).

I know, right. With less than 3 operating systems in the entire Internetworking digisphere to choose from: Apple/Mac, Microsoft/PC (and some