World Health Organization: ZIKA “Public Health Issue” + CDC Says ZIKA Virus An STD?

Zika If it’s one time women don’t mind being asked to press pause on procreating and pushing baby’s out, that time is now—when the babies are affected.

Having originally been thought to be a problem only in South America, where women who had been bitten by mosquitos were giving birth the babies with birth identifying birth defects, women at distances and throughout North America were being asked not to travel abroad to certain countries in South America.

The Zika Virus has now become every woman’s problem–every woman who is pregnant, wishing to become pregnant, and/or of childbearing age.

ZikaBabyWhen bitten, the disease, which doesn’t affects mom but rather, gestating babies who, at birth, having been born cross country with abnormally small heads, leaves baby with a serious neurological condition leading to paralysis.Avon Skin So Soft

As of today (and especially considering that even without traveling abroad, mosquitos are airborne and fly free as birds); there’s really no fail-safe way to contain flying, the biting bugs (accept maybe with Avon’s Original Skin So Soft Oil with the real blue cap). For years, that had been considered a great mosquito repellent even before hearing of Zika.

Considering the fact that tiny, thin, mosquitos fly freely; it would be no time the World Health Organization would accept responsibility to declare this issue a “public health” emergency (worldwide).


Not yet declared an epidemic, according to the organization, the virus is spreading [quote]