📌#TensingRetrial Article Updates (through June 23 p.m.)


As news continues to come in on this situation, we will (of course) continue to post ANY and all new updates on it in our World News category. If you are following this, just search Tensing, Sam Dubose, or Cincinnati and if news is reported (to our pipeline of news suppliers), we will list and link you to it.

TENSING TRIAL ARTICLE UPDATES & DEETS  (newest = top to bottom)

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UPDATE: 6-23-17

UPDATE: 6-21-17 (evening – post trial deliberations)

UPDATE: 6-21-17 (morning-before trial)

UPDATE: 6-20-17

UPDATE: 6-19-17




Updates 6.15 through 6.17

Update 6.14.17

Update 6.13.17

Update: 6.12.17 (evening)



Updates: 6. 9-12. 17

Update: 6.8.17

Updates: 6.4.17 through 6.7.17: