ICYMI: 📌Apparently, Wearing Uggs is Ugh at this Airport’s Lounge 📌ICYDK: Chick-Fil-A Saved The Day Yesterday 📌The 12 Best Apps of 2017 📌Starving Polar Bear Video Goes Viral 📌Kim Jong Un’s No.2 Gone Missing 📌What Child Tax Credit Means for Families 📌Bitcoin Gaining Legitimacy 📌So X-Files Was Real? Pentagon Did Classify Study of UFO’s 📌George Zimmerman Threatens Jay Z 📌and More!

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Mueller team defends obtaining emails

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Death threats haunt Miss Iraq in wake of selfie controversy

Panthers owner selling team after reports of misconduct

Wildfire on track to be California’s largest

Putin thanks Trump for CIA’s help

Bitcoin hits new highs, gains new legitimacy

Box office force is strong with ‘The Last Jedi’

Fox News will sue me for speaking out

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LeBron James: ‘I want it all’

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Surgeon admits branding initials on patients’ livers

Homes are now piles of soot and concrete as the wildfires rapidly move through the area

Nearly 270,000 acres scorched so far as fires continue to grow

California residents decorate their burned homes

Fire engineer dies as Thomas Fire keeps burning

Mom and son scramble 4 times to stay out of wildfire’s path

Stelter: How Fox News and Trump create an anti-Mueller ‘feedback loop’

Fox host calls FBI ‘criminal cabal’

Opinion: EPA cuts could risk a public health emergency

Stomach bug strikes hundreds on Caribbean cruise

Kim Jong Un’s No. 2 man is missing

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Starving polar bear video goes viral

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Chick-fil-A steps in to feed the stranded at Atlanta airport… on a Sunday

Diddy wants to buy the Panthers and sign Colin Kaepernick

Travellers share grim stories of being stuck on planes during Atlanta airport blackout

Flights are being diverted mid-air thanks to the Atlanta airport blackout

Soccer star criticised for posting blackface photo of himself

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