1. Barack Obama’s farewell speech: President to declare faith in power of people to bring about change
  2. Obama in Chicago, where change comes ‘from ordinary people’
  3. President Obama’s Farewell Address Is a Product of Meticulous Planning
  4. New poll has Trump approval rating at 37%, Obama at 55%
  5. 8 ways the US job market has evolved over Obama’s 8 years
  6. Ex-wife of Labor nominee leveled abuse claims on Oprah
  7. Two cities, two dramas and one day of tests for Donald Trump
  8. Unsubstantiated report has compromising information on Trump, intelligence chiefs say
  9. At Russia hearing, FBI mum about possible Donald Trump probe
  10. Millions sign up for Obamacare as Trump and GOP lawmakers scramble for a way to roll it back
  11. Donald Trump says he wants Obamacare repealed and replaced ‘very quickly or simultaneously’
  12. The Most Dangerous Bill You’ve Never Heard Of Just Passed The House
  13. Cory Booker to testify against Sessions’s nomination
  14. Franken Stumps Sessions on Trump’s Crazy Voter-Fraud Tweet
  15. Judge rules woman can’t sue Trump over calling her a “dummy” on Twitter
  16. Schwarzenegger fires back at Trump: I hope you’ll work as hard for Americans as you did for ratings
  17. Texas Judge Dismisses ‘Clock Boy’s’ Defamation Lawsuit Against Conservatives
  18. Jeff Sessions Says He Would Be Independent and Stand Up to Trump
  19. Sessions says he’s ‘not sure’ if he would prosecute journalists as AG
  20. Jeff Sessions Won’t ‘Commit’ to Letting You Smoke Pot — Even Where It’s Legal Under State Law
  21. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III Says His Name Is Why People Think He’s Racist
  22. Trump laying the groundwork for 2020 reelection bid
  23. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Newly Appointed Vaccine Chair, Has A Dangerously Anti-Science View
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  27. New York State Prefers You to Die of Cancer than Be ‘Offended’ by Breitbart
  28. Trump National Security Pick Monica Crowley’s Book No Longer For Sale Over Plagiarism
  29. Trump: Only ‘stupid people’ don’t want a good relationship with Russia
  30. Congress begins to search for funds to help Trump build border wall
  31. Why Donald Trump Attacked Meryl Streep (And Why He Will ALWAYS Attack People Who “Wound” Him)


  1. Lawsuit: EPA Official Used Racist, Homophobic Threat of Prison Rape
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  9. Alaska cops took — then returned — gun of suspected airport shooter after he heard voices
  10. Mother’s boyfriend who shared her rape-murder fantasy charged with raping and killing her 14-year-old daughter Grace Packer
  11. Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder in Shooting of US Consulate Officer in Mexico
  12. Harriet Tubman National Historical Park Becomes Reality FDA Issues Safety Advice for Cardiac Device Over Hacking Threat
  13.  Three cases of mumps confirmed in Johnson County
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