📌CIA Head John Brennan Warns Trump of His Tongue 📌Martin Shkreli Hit In Face w/ Dog Poop 📌Women’s March: Pussycats Turn To ‘Pussyhats’ 📌Trump Gets Pass To Bypass Nat’l American Museum On MLK Day 📌and More!

  1.  📌CIA head John Brennan warns Trump to watch his tongue
  2.  📌Dear President Obama: Please Upgrade Nuclear Launch Protocols Before You Leave Office
  3.  📌Martin Shkreli Gets Hit In The Face With Dog Poop After Raising Price Of HIV/AIDS Drug
  4.  📌Trump team considers evicting press from White House
  5.  📌Trump no longer expected to visit National African American Museum on MLK Day
  6.  📌Trump’s attack on John Lewis is the essence of narcissism
  7.  📌Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Joins List Of World Leaders Expressing Concern On Donald Trump Presidency
    President-elect Donald Trump at his 11 January news conference
    Getty Image

    📌She claims that Donald Trump invited her to his hotel room in Moscow in 2013

  9.  📌Progressives Prepping for Anti-Trump Woman’s March by Making ‘Pussyhats’
  10.  📌Three times as many bus permits requested for Women’s March than inauguration: reports
  11.  📌Human trafficking cases increase more than 50 percent in Florida
  12.  📌Why Trump’s Inauguration Day will be better without celebs
  13.  📌These were the last Cubans to enter the U.S. as wet foot, dry foot policy ended
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  15.  📌Another sign the US is recovering from the financial crisis — foreclosures hit a 10-year low
  16.  📌Trump suggests US sanctions against Russia are unnecessary if Moscow is ‘really helping us’
  17.  📌Bernie Sanders: ‘It Would Not Be A Bad Thing’ If FBI Director James Comey Resigned
  18.  📌New drilling technology will create an explosion of oil
  19.  📌King’s shift from dreamer to radical resonates for activists
  20.  📌A quest for racial equality that ended in upheaval
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