📌Rihanna Tests For HIV Along With …. 📌’Legal Justification’ For LAPD Cop Shooting Homeless Man 📌Trump: Nuclear Weapons, Threat To Public Education? And How Electing To Hand Over Businesses To Children Still Won’t Work 📌OSU Shooter Enrolled In Class On Diversity/MicroAgressions 📌Caught on Tape: Real Life Leprechaun Steals Pot Of Gold From Armor Truck 📌Chicago: 700 Homicides To This December Date 📌And More!


  1. 📌Following Thanksgiving dinner, the parents were dismembered and the son arrested
  2. 📌A Woman Is Going to Jail for Using a Fake Facebook Account to Frame Her Ex
  3. 📌Woman arrested after 6-year-old calls 911 to report being home alone, police say
  4. 📌Driver in critical condition after crashing at 116 mph during Facebook Live
  5. 📌Rihanna and Prince Harry Get Tested for HIV to Advocate World AIDS Day
  6. 📌White House: Obama supports registering women for military draft
  7. 📌LAPD officers who fatally shot homeless man on skid row were legally justified, D.A. says
  8. 📌No one can stop President Trump from using nuclear weapons
  9. 📌Sanders mocks House Science Committee for tweeting Breitbart article
  10. 📌Trump picks retired general Mattis for secretary of defense
  11. 📌Chicago tops 700 homicides — bloodiest year in decades with a month to go in 2016
  12. 📌Get an Inside Look at the White House by Pointing This App at a Dollar Bill
  13. 📌Woman dies after being set on fire by boyfriend in Fairfax last month
  14. 📌27 years in prison for drug trafficker tied to cartel boss ‘El Chapo’
  15. 📌OSU Terrorist Was Enrolled In Class On Diversity, Microaggressions Ohio State University (OSU) attacker Abdul Artan was enrolled in a class focused on diversity and microaggressions, and was taught that Muslims were an oppressed minority just two weeks before his car-and-knife assault on his fellow students. For the fall term at OSU, Artan was taking a class titled “Crossing Identity Boundaries,” offered
  16. 📌Cooper Challenges Warren: ‘No Evidence’ To Back Up Your Claims Of ‘White Supremacy’ [VIDEO]
  17. 📌Terry McAuliffe: Clinton likely done with politics
  18. 📌Senate passes Iran sanctions bill, forcing Obama veto decision
  19. 📌Trump supporters bought bogus Obama conspiracy theory peddled by Fox Business
  20. 📌How Much Damage Could Trump Do to Public Education?
  21. 📌President Obama urges Trump to stay vigilant in fight against HIV
  22. 📌Trump Handing Over His Business to His Children Wouldn’t Eliminate Conflicts
  23. 📌At a Fabulous Halloween Protest in 1989, Queers Already Recognized the Danger of Donald Trump
  24. 📌Dolly Parton to help Tennessee fire victims
  25. 📌Ex-inmate Jesse Jackson Jr. calls on Obama to pardon millions of ex-inmates
  26. 📌Slovakia Passes Law Preventing Islam From Getting Government Money
  27. 📌ICYMI: Suspect holding hostages in Florida bank: Police (reference: Community First Credit Union)
  28. 📌ICYMI: Suspect dead after shooting that killed Washington police officer (reference: Tacoma, Washington
  29. 📌2nd fugitive inmate arrested after standoff in San Jose
  30. 📌Thief Nabs $1.6 Million Bucket Of Gold Left On Back Of Truck: Cops
  31. 📌Office of Government Ethics gushes over Trump in tweetstorm
  32. 📌Former South Carolina Officer Defends Fatally Shooting Walter Scott
  33. 📌No charges for Charlotte officer in death of Keith Lamont Scott
  34. 📌Aging of Fidel Castro and the 11 American presidents who opposed him