📌Epileptic Trump Critic Gets Tweet Sending Him Into Epileptic Seizure 📌LA County Records Hacked-Exposes 750k People 📌Farrakhan ‘Sees New Opening’ for Black Separatist Message 📌Putin To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration 📌and More!

  1.  📌Epileptic Trump critic looks into legal action after troll tweets a strobe attack (see what a live epileptic seizure looks like -at our sister site)
  2.  📌Facebook, Twitter, Google sued by Orlando shooting victims’ families
  3.  📌Recreational Marijuana Law Takes Effect in Massachusetts
  4.  📌This Mostly White City Wants To Leave Its Mostly Black School District
  5.  📌Fiery Pileup On Baltimore Interstate Leaves 2 Dead, 23 Injured
  6.  📌Putin to Sing at Trump Inauguration
  7.  📌At least 8 die after drinking bath lotion in Russia
  8.  📌LA County email hack exposes data of 750,000 people
  9.  📌Report: 51-year-old woman shot in head after looking out her window
  10.  📌US Marshal arrested for pointing gun at McDonald’s cashier
  11.  📌Uber driver fatally shoots would-be robber, police say
  12.  📌Farrakhan sees a new opening for black separatist message
  13.  📌ICYMI: Judge Declares Mistrial in Murder-for-Hire Case Featured on Cops (WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. ) — The jury deadlocked Wednesday in Dalia Dippolito’s trial on charges she tried to hire a hit man to kill her newlywed husband, a case that became famous
  14.  📌Satanists Declare They Are Religiously Exempt From Heartbeat Bill
  15.  📌Aleppo presents a moral dilemma for Christian leaders
  16.  📌Before-and-after photos show destruction in Aleppo
  17.  📌ICYMI:Aides: Critics trying to use Electoral College to de-legitimize Trump
  18.  📌He could have been stopped: How one pedophile kept coaching gymnastics
  19.  📌Instagram model with ‘Trophy Wife’ tattoo charged over Porsche theft
  20.  📌Florida tourism spending is (pit) bull
  21.  📌Giant infrastructure projects that are reshaping Africa
  22.  📌Fog at London airports causes second day of disruption
  23.  📌Mining makes pollies confused about demand and supply
  24.  📌Steve Biko Google doodle honors anti-apartheid activist & founder of the Black Consciousness Movement