📌How To Set Yourself Up For A Comeback From A Setback 📌Child, 3, Shot In Road Rage Incident 📌Coming Soon: Revoking ‘Sent’ Messages 📌JLo Learning To Love Herself at 45 📌and More!


  1. 📌Scouts honor…I did NOT write this headline-only thought it, (yesterday):  Relax, folks: Ceelo Green is just fine after staging exploding phone video
  2. 📌Why Jennifer Lopez Says She’s Still Learning to Love Herself at 45Why Jennifer Lopez Says She's Still Learning to Love Herself at 45
  3. 📌The Trump trolling rolls on as Baldwin returns to ‘SNL’
  4. 📌‘S.N.L.’ Hammers Donald Trump as a ‘Gift’ to Vladimir Putin for Christmas
  5. 📌’Saturday Night Live’ Pokes Fun at Trump’s Miseplled Tweets, Relationship With Putin, Cabinet Picks
  6. 📌’Rogue One’ blows up the box office like a Death Star with $155M debut
  7. 📌Is Kanye doing too much?Getty Image (GTY 630126868 E ACE ENT USA CA)


  1. 📌Child, 3, fatally shot in road rage incident in Arkansas
  2. 📌One Dead After Tree Falls on Wedding Party in L.A.
  3. 📌15 Percent of Corpus Christi Cleared to Use Tap Water After Chemical SpillCorpus Christi water test results to come Sunday
  4. 📌Corpus Christi water test results to come Sunday
  5. 📌More Dolls With Disabilities By Mainstream Toymakers Hitting Store ShelvesMore Dolls With Disabilities By Mainstream Toymakers Hitting Store Shelves : Shots
  6. 📌Mom of boy needing kidney urges presumed consent laws to boost organ donations
  7. 📌Infertile Couples Turn To Crowdfunding Sites To Get Treatment
  8. 📌Alaskans Plunge Into 32-Degree Water in Annual Event
  9. 📌The US plans to ban smoking in public housing — but will it work?
  10. 📌CIA agent who grilled Saddam Hussein says US was wrong about him
  11. 📌Aleppo battle: Rebels burn Syria evacuation buses – BBC News
  12. 📌Syria hands over evidence of mustard gas attack by rebels on civilians to OPCW (VIDEO)
  13. 📌Indonesian military plane crashes in Papua, killing 13
  14. 📌Is air pollution really a public health crisis?
  15. 📌Man gets donor car tattooed on his arm Paul Dixon and his organ donor card tattoo on arm



  1. 📌Trump’s either “keeping it positive,”…or still stuck in his classic campaign run ‘denial of facts’ phase. What say you?  Trump: Michelle Obama Must Not Have Meant Loss of ‘Hope’ Comment (see article 13, here for reference)
  2. 📌Court denies request from Colorado Dem electors
  3. 📌Trump’s Electoral College Victory Ranks 46th in 58 Elections
  4. 📌Poll: 55% of Americans bothered by Russian election hacking
  5. 📌Barack Obama threatens to launch cyber weapon against Russia over hacking claimsIn last-shot bid, thousands urge electoral college to block Trump at Monday vote
  6. 📌Leak reveals Rex Tillerson is director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil company
  7. 📌Trump Action on Health Care Could Cost Planned Parenthood


  1. 📌’Hidden Figures,’ ‘The Glass Universe,’ And Why Science Needs History


  1. 📌Walmart program: Stash cash in savings account, win prizes


  1. 📌Houston Texans bench QB Brock Osweiler after second interception
  2. 📌Bell Tolls: Tom Brady’s MVP campaign could gets critical test against Broncos
  3. 📌Minnesota players end their boycott, will play in Holiday Bowl


  1. 📌WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Revoke Sent Messages And Even Edit Them After Hitting ‘Send’!
  2. 📌Think cyberthreats are bad now? They’ll get worse in 2017 with ‘spear phishing,’ etc.


  1. 📌I Replaced My Night Cream With Coconut Oil, And These Are My Results
  2. 📌Woman explains why pants size doesn’t matter in viral Facebook post
  3. 📌Makeup Eraser Review: This Towel Is the Lazy Answer to Makeup RemovalMakeup Eraser Review: This Towel Is the Lazy Answer to Makeup Removal


  1. 📌How To Bounce Back From Any Setback
  2. Drinking 3 cups of coffee daily can help prevent Alzheimer's📌Drinking 3 cups of coffee daily can help prevent Alzheimer’s
  3. 📌Doctor may have answer for toddler fighting debilitating skin disease
  4. 📌Study finds UK sugar tax could save thousands from obesity, diabetes