📌Ninjas in Atlanta? Man Hops Atop Woman’s Car, Smashes Windshield with Foot 📌Save or Stomp?: Jersey Cops Curbstomp Innocent Man Who Escapes Car Fire 📌Boy Starves Holding Onto Mom’s Rotting Corpse 📌Comey: “Don’t Leave Me Alone With Trump” 📌and More!


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  • 📌Thisssssssssssssssssssss was THEE most ninja sh/t EVER. I’ve courted this story for two days waiting on what, if anything, happened beforehand and thus far, no answers except what’s gone on in the video. Now…I’ve been in and seen situations that if you look at m/f’s one second too long and they kirk out like crazy. Did think woman think she knew him and was slowing down to say something to him or WHAT? WTF? I know people are temperamental and nuts these days, but i REFUSE to believe there’s not more to this.  Man attacks driver’s windshield in Atlanta 

Smh. *eyes in head. I mean…he’s grinning and holding the criminal number clip like its a diploma! WTF is wrong with people? LoL.


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