📌 “I Shaq The Sherriff” 📌Penn State Hazing: Shameful, Chilling, Timeline Leading To Frat Member’s Death 📌Trump’s First 100 Days Cost $40 Million Dollars 📌and More!




Fck Yo’ FCC Investigation. Business as usual: Stephen Colbert on Trump Firing Comey:


  • Shaquille O’Neal says he’s running for sheriff 📌…unlike my disdain for celebrity jumping to politics to test their popularity off inspiration of one issue or two; this is commendable, noble and “inspiring.” We remember proof of Shaq’s interest in protecting the community (versus trying to run a whole state or country first). I like Shaq. Start at ground level-where the real war and troubles are and work to make lives better there first before leaping to unqualified bounds! Go Shaq! You are appreciated, brave (and supported)! Where do I sign?