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This has to be THEE most (literal) insane, diabolically genius, weird piece of crazy I haven’t witnessed in a long time in NEVER. I’m gonna charge this backslide in communication to Mercury having been in Retro: LoL. CHeck this story out:

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I cannot WAIT to see this movie. It’s just as Scorpio as Tonya Harding is (too).

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…this was TOTALLY me at that same age-except I was on the quest to find out why most all commercials that showed black women in family-themed content didn’t have on wedding rings yet, all the white women had on rings. It burned me up inside. As a student of the arts and understanding of costume, and props, I needed to know if it was a meticulous prop and if so, why and if that ‘why’ was a part of a subliminal message—or if it was true that this percentage of black women were unmarried—and just so happened to be in commercials. I wanted to know. To this day-since being a kid, I consciously check for and observe that in commercials.



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That said, the underlying running philosophies behind Gwyneth’s lifestyle brand runs an eerily like parallel to millennial thinking today i.e. Like for instance: the common-running timeline philosophy about career and success seems to be that ALL millennials somehow feel that their “purpose in life” is as so as the scripting of a social media bio. And if it can defended upon every 5th post online and can fits snug and an Instagram square—it is as so as it is written. It just so happens that that ‘so’ almost always happens to be something famous, popular and grandiose. While there is something oddly wrong with that-it both is and equally is not (perhaps). Only because you don’t know if this ‘ambition’ and self-proclaimed “purpose in life” is motivated by (true) intention [or because of] the available attention of/since the invention of social media.

That’s very example of the common subscription of millennial thought processes can be compared to the lifestyle product Gwyneth is selling: While it’s okay to feel ones purpose in life is Instagrammable and famous or popular, are you placebo-effect (slash) ‘self-fulfilling prophecying’ your way TO it being so? (mind over matter)—or will it just not work and be “damaging” because you wrote yourself a “purpose in life” that reality can’t cash. Such is life and the lashings critics of Gwyneth’s lifestyle brand claim it is.

Do you see the dichotomy here? According to the many of the product’s descriptions claims, it’s VERY obvious she’s merely promoting products with descriptions that suit the mindsets of her intended audience’s thinking.

Just like the lives they lead (and write out and believe), so too, (like psychology’s placebo effect and belief in their self-proclaimed purposed in life) if they read the description of her products, buy it and believe it is so…it may very well be so–or not.