📌Masculinity and Men With Cats As Pets 📌Charleston Church Shooter Laughs During Confession 📌Oldest African American Celebrates 112th Birthday 📌and More!


  1. 📌LoL:   British artist continues to publish spoof photos of Donald Trump despite risk of being sued (search reference: Alison Jackson)
  2. 📌Ivanka Trump’s Accused Stalker Nabbed by Secret Service Near Trump Tower
  3. 📌Hail the rise of cat men, an antidote to toxic masculinity
  4. 📌That Viral Video of a Man Punching a Kangaroo Actually Has a Sad Backstory
  5. 📌Bob the cross-eyed cat is desperately trying to find a home in time for Christmas
  6. 📌103-year-old Clinton voter gets letter of thanks from candidate
  7. 📌Oldest African American in U.S. Celebrates 112th Birthday
  8. 📌Mumbai Teacher Resigns After Being Asked to Remove Hijab by School
  9. 📌Queens cop adopts puppy he rescued from abandoned building
  10. 📌Charleston church shooter laughs, confesses to murders
  11. 📌Man, 88, goes missing near lake in Kenwood area
  12. 📌Amazon workers spotted ‘living in tents’ near Dunfermline site
    📌Michael Slager Jury Foreman Speaks Out On Mistrial In Walter Scott Shooting | TODAY
  14. 📌Rent-a-Jew project hopes to ward off anti-Semitism in Germany 
  15. 📌China ‘blocks’ Mongolia border after Dalai Lama visit
  16. 📌Court documents: Teen, siblings were tortured by parents
  17. 📌Venezuela confiscates toys, alleges price gouging
  18. 📌Don’t bet big on health law changes when mulling coverage
  19. 📌More than 2 dozen killed in blasts near stadium in Turkey
  20. 📌Time is running out: Order by these dates for delivery by Christmas
  21. 📌Reports: Suit alleges Prudential link to Wells Fargo scandal
  22. 📌Public viewing of John Glenn in Ohio to extend for 8 hours
  23. 📌International College Students Leery of Trump Could Cost U.S. Billions
  24. 📌New York elite at war over nonstop Christmas music
  25. 📌Holocaust Survivors Score Victory in Reclaiming Stolen Art
  26. Awesome story: 📌It takes a village: The country town that’s pushing inclusiveness for people with disabilities