📌Trump Gloats Over Blacks Who Didn’t Turn Out To Vote 📌What ‘Friend Of Putin’ Really Means 📌How The Democratic Party Lost Its Way 📌and More!

  1. 📌Trump gloats over Blacks who did not turn out to vote
  2. 📌Trump Pushes Back on ‘Apprentice’ Ties: I Will Devote ‘Zero Time’ to TV Show
  3. 📌Trump, Mocking Claim That Russia Hacked Election, at Odds with G.O.P.
  4. 📌Gay Mike Pence Lookalike Raising Money For LGBTQ Causes
  5. 📌How the Democratic Party Lost Its Way
  6. 📌Ex-CIA operative: We may need a new vote – CNN Video
  7. 📌CIA Reportedly Confident Russia Interfered With Election To Help Trump Win
  8. 📌Schumer demands congressional inquiry on Russian meddling
  9. 📌What It Really Means to Be a ‘Friend of Putin’
  10. 📌McMullin: ‘Trump is not a loyal American’
  11. 📌Dem congressman: Electoral College has ‘right’ to weigh Russian hacking
  12. 📌Schumer calls for full investigation by Congress of Russian interference in U.S. elections
  13. 📌Rex Tillerson, Exxon Chief, Is Expected to Be Pick for Secretary of State (search reference: Tillerson)
  14. 📌McCain: Tillerson relationship with Putin a ‘matter of concern’
  15. 📌The Obama Family’s Big 2016: The 12 Best Moments from the President’s Last Year in Office
  16. 📌Garth Brooks in Talks to Play Trump Inauguration
  17. 📌Russia’s Interference in This Election Should Not Be a Surprise
  18. 📌Trump team says ‘move on,’ after Obama calls for cyber-hacking probe
  19. 📌Trump tweets stir debate about intimidation
  20. 📌Trump doesn’t seem to like ‘Person of the Year’ label
  21. 📌What gun groups want from Trump
  22. 📌Trump on ‘lock her up’ calls: ‘Now we don’t care’
  23. 📌’Lift her up’ campaign launched to counter ‘Lock her up’ chant
  24. 📌The Cure for Post-Election Malaise Is Civic Participation
  25. 📌Workers at Endangered Indiana Plant Feel Forgotten by Trump