America’s First Gay Dating Show and Cast Reality Show Coming

American television is getting its stick out the mud and widening the gap of conventional, heterosexual, reality television dating and is now moving on up.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to gay relationships: “hypothalamus” tends to come to mind. The hypothalamus controls 8 major hormones by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is our sexual center. 

Considering that, I often wonder about the fidelity struggle in gay relationships because of it.

Whether gay or straight, given that men have a 2.2 times larger hypothalamus gland than women, monogamy for any man has to be a conscious effort at every turn. 

Additionally, the hypothalamus contains 2 times more cells, so the effort in and of itself to be monogamous has to be a lifestyle-regardless your lifestyle!

I’ve always entertained the notion that gay dating is probably less exclusive and monogamous pretty much no different than the struggle for a straight man to be-yet twice as hard.

Other studies however, argued that the hypothalamus is larger in hetero men than gay men. I personally don’t believe that and simply believe what I believe since last studied and checked some 10 or so years ago: gay or straight, a man’s enlarged hypothalamus is a man’s hypothalamus is a man’s hypothalamus. Period!

I think over the years, any risky sexual behavior and promiscuity is easy to point the finger on gay men as being the reasons for the AIDS epidemic in the community. So I believe to save social face, over the more recent years, it’s a safer argument to pin it all on the heterosexual male’s hypothalamus and say: “Oh a gay male’s hypothalamus is not quite as enlarged.”


Either way, although you won’t be seeing any action like the first thought that comes to mind across many a homophobe’s first thoughts when it comes to gay relationship: