If you follow me, you probably heard me say this and now you’ll know why I mean it with iron-clad seriousness: “Eff with me like Nike did Tiger, ’cause…”


Ok so, talk show host and former shock jock Wendy Williams is well known for her more than outspokenness but down to an offensive fault, even.

If you’re in media/journalism or blogging and study backgrounds on some of the people you blog about, then you’d know that Wendy’s childhood was colored with being bullied by the more popular kids. She’s even stated would dream and fantasize at getting back at them.

So when it comes to that savage and salacious (highly addictive yet, poisonous message board she was behind-adoring her name), plus several interviews where she’s pissed off some A-D list celebrities in many an interview, I always reflect back to remembering that tidbit about Wendy.


LoL at 5:05 – 6:00  and 7:00-9:52 especially. Oh how I miss Whitney! LoL I’m crying laughin’…

One thing about Wendy though is that while she will dish it, she has a knack for not perpetuating it anywhere other than her platform by which she does business and garners attention (whether that be radio, or television-on her show).

If you try to get at Wendy Williams about something she did or said, and you try and approach her on social media about it, she will ignore stonewall you in a way worthy of its own patent.

Lil Kim and Wendy Williams

This time however, her