APPLE, GOOGLE, AMAZON & ANDROID Are Your Prospective Cable Providers, Says FCC Chairman

AppleTVMarch2012_35160082_03Nothing’s better than having options.

I insist on options whether personal or professional because be it business or personal, people or companies don’t know how to play fair when they or it is the only option. No matter how good the intent, it due time, its something in the psychology of knowing that if your company (or you) are the only option with the supply in demand that just won’t let you play right. Nobody’s above that form of abuse of power.

Well for those who like options with their entertainment, the FCC is unlocking the box.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler just announced today that you no longer have to get cable through companies like Time Warner ATT UVerse. Soon you will be able to get it through Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV and Roku boxes (I believe Amazon is already offering Firestick).


Obviously a setup like such will level the playing field and force cable companies