Boycott Apple? Government Gives APPLE ‘Til February 26 To Comply

This Apple v. U.S Government issue is getting more and more rotten by the day.

If you didn’t know already, Apple is its own entity, program and operating system separate from Android and the (few) other technology titans. The leading tech company right now has found itself up against the U.S Government by being asked to do what they call in the streets: snitch.

151207153146-san-bernardino-shooting-suspects-radicalization-fbi-david-bowdich-bts-nr-00004017-large-169Snitching in the world technology (in this case) is: allowing the government to bypass certain encryptions to allow them into the phone having belonged to one of the San Bernadino shooters Syed Rizwan Farook who, along with his wife Tashfeen Malik went on a shooting rampage at Inland Regional Center-the facility by which they were employed.

On December 2, 2015, Syed was video taped participating in a holiday party at the special needs vocational center. Syed pardoned himself and about thirty minutes later, came back riddling the place with bullets-killing 14 people.San Bernadino

Both Farook and Malik (leaving a newborn of their own behind) were eventually killed by police officers following the gunfight that too, ensued after the killings.

Well in addition to one child left behind, a search of Malik and Farook’s home and belongings included one thing that the U.S government thinks may be of some value to this investigation: Farook’s Apple iPhone 5C cell phone-given to him by his employer. Although the employer granted permission and turned the phone over, officials are having a tough time getting Apple to agree to let them in it.

Despite their being no doubt about whodunit, and too, their connection/being interested in joining/associated with ISIS, the government still wants in that phone yet, Apple is nearly giving