Make Me Wanna Holler: Ben & Jerry’s Screams For More Than Ice Cream – Says “Black Lives Matter”

I scream. Ice cream
You scream. You cream
For, I scream. For ice cream.

Whether or not you or I scream for ice cream, today, the popular ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s screamed in deed, indeed: by dropping a shout out and snippet that could have easily been accompanied by Marvin Gaye theme music called “Make Me Wanna Holler/Inner city Blues.”

Such is life as the ice cream icon took it upon themselves to speak out in solidarity of Black Lives Matter—ing.

Via a detailed post upon their website, Ben and Jerry’s took a scoop out of silence and shared their thoughts regarding the cold, systematic and institutionalized racism plaguing the world right now that they feel can no longer go ignored.

While that other ice creamer may concern itself with 31 flavors, today, Ben and Jerry’s concern is with