Does Donald Trump’s 2005 Interview With Billy Bush Solidify His Sordid, Misogynistic Attitude Towards Women?

It seems like ever since my guy Billy Bush was inadvertently pegged as the gotten-to guy that asked all the questions necessary to get to the bottom of defamed U.S swim champion Ryan Lochte’s blame on Rio, other’s wayward words are swimming to the surface too: Donald Trump. Circa: 2005 to be exact.

Footage is making its way around-further proving presidential running opponent Hillary Clinton’s commercial and claims: Donald Trump’s blatant disregard and vulgarity against women.

Like I mention here, while we’re all pretty clear that Donald Trump has a weird, misogynistic mentality towards and about the female species, tonight we now have even more proof of such thing given an old interview he gave to entertainment news anchor Billy Bush way back in 2005-long before his run for president. Although he admits to a failed sexual conquest, upon explaining [that] this circulating piece of footage was nothing more than male locker room banter, Trump didn’t hesitate to dry snitch by throwing his presidential running mate’s husband under the bus for ‘far worse’ locker room banter:

Fast forward.

Now that we’re back on this subject, I guess I can scratch off