📌Amazon’s 3rd Quarter Stock Plunges 📌Twitter Cuts 9% Of Its Workforce Just After Vine Closing 📌Amazon Prosposing Prime To China Alibaba’s New Threat? 📌How To Make Content Creation Your The Quarterback 📌The One Skill All Successful People Possess 📌What Advertisers Can Learn From 3 Successful Brands That Don’t Advertise 📌Uber’s Layout For Flying Cars 📌and More!


I was totally wondering what we were going to do with all that Vine porn. Pornhub lends a hand to Vine with a buyout offer: ‘6 seconds is enough’

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 Beer Drinkers Are Boycotting Yuengling After Its Billionaire Owner Endorses Trump …uh…What do you expect “Yuengling” is German.

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Donald Trump threatens legal action against NBC over ‘Access Hollywood’ tape

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Amazon Stock Plunges After Big Miss on Q3 Profitability

Amazon brings Prime to China. Should Alibaba be worried?Amazon brings Prime to China. Should Alibaba be worried?

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Apple Increases Prices of Macs in U.K. by 20 Percent

(I see Burger King is still out here bullying other burger joints again) Burger King Dressed Up as the Ghost of McDonald’s in This Scary Good Halloween PrankBurger King Dressed Up as the Ghost of McDonald's in This Scary Good Halloween Prank

Soylent halts sales of its powder as customers keep getting sick

Putin Says U.S. Isn’t Banana Republic, Must Get Over Itself

As Uber makes a pitch for flying cars, transit hype jumps the shark

Uber Outlines Vision for Flying CarsUber Outlines Vision for Flying Cars

Uber employment tribunal: Ruling due in London

Tesla Surprise: It’s A Profit

Alphabet sales soar 20%, no thanks to Google’s moonshots

Mobile and Youtube boost Google parent Alphabet profits

Intel diversity fund expands to veteran, LGBTQ and disabled founders

Toys R Us offers ‘quiet hour’ for children with autism

ICYMI: Twitter Just Shut Down Vine 4 Years After Buying It for $30 MillionTwitter Just Shut Down Vine 4 Years After Buying It for $30 Million

The world’s busiest Rolls-Royce dealership is in the Middle East

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