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How to Boost Your MetabolismHow to Boost Your Metabolism

How a Run-Walk Strategy Might Help Your Marathon

How To Know Whether You Need Discipline Or Compassion

Birth control: Male contraceptive injection ‘shows promise’  (see more on this sort of thing from our sis)

Placebos Can Work Even If You Know They’re Placebos ….then we need to be focusing more on the true power of the mind’s control of the body

Sugar Pill Beats Two Drugs in Migraine Trial for Children

Placebo sweet spot for pain relief found in brain

Bored, can’t be bothered to exercise and always craving carbs? The LIGHTS in your home and office could be to blame

How Teeth Cleanings May Protect You From Pneumonia

Dental Cleanings May Help Keep Lungs Clean, Too

Scientists uncover why hepatitis C virus vaccine has been difficult to make

Molecular biologist explores simple, innovative methods of developing new antibiotics

What’s Your Hepatitis IQ? Take the Quiz

How I learned to cope with chronic pain

How horror films can be good for youHow horror films can be good for you

New Estimate Suggests A Quarter Of The World’s Population Has Latent Tuberculosis

Should I Worry About a Tick Bite?

Doctors excited by cystic fibrosis therapy

New hope for cystic fibrosis sufferers as drug shown to curb lung damage

UK’s national sperm bank stops recruiting donorsUK's national sperm bank stops recruiting donors - BBC News

She went into the hospital for kidney stones and came out with a baby

NHS set to miss target on foreign patient costs

NHS fails to collect hundreds of millions from health tourists

Red Cross data breach: personal details of 550,000 blood donors leaked

Diabetes: Controlled glucose delivery could restore insulin production

‘Diabulimia’: Type 1 diabetics restricting insulin to lose weight need to be taken seriously, experts say

Good news for cigarette smokers?

A vaccine for lung cancer? FDA approves clinical trial for groundbreaking jab created in Cuba 

In a first, U.S. trial to test Cuban lung-cancer vaccine

Cuban lung cancer ‘vaccine’ gets FDA trial go-ahead

NICU babies get handmade costumes for first Halloween at St. Luke hospitalNICU babies get handmade costumes for first Halloween at St. Luke hospital

‘I can’t imagine being a doctor for five more years’ 'I can't imagine being a doctor for five more years' - BBC News

Chlamydia Symptoms In WomenChlamydia Symptoms In Women

High estrogen: Five signs women should know!

Jury awards more than $70M to woman in Johnson & Johnson baby powder lawsuit

Cannabis many enhance night vision …I can believe this because, glaucoma.

Extra trained nurses ‘key to stroke survival’ says study

Parent-Child Screening Urged for Inherited Heart Condition

Nurses’ scrubs often contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bugs …I can believe this.

ICYMI (Yesterday on ToriSpilling) Can You Survive Being Shot In The Head? New Tool Could Predict Chances Of Living After Gunshot Wound To The Brain

Dr. Manny: Stop poisoning our autistic kids

Enterprising Wellness: Stepping NEAT-ly



5 Health Myths And Facts: The Science Behind Catching Colds And Eating Fats5 Health Myths And Facts: The Science Behind Catching Colds And Eating Fats

Compound in BROCCOLI ‘slows down vision loss and middle-age spread

Are Milk and Milk Substitutes Healthy? A Look at Your Options

How slaughterhouses turned actress Jenna Dewan Tatum into a vegan

In Anthony Bourdain Cookbook, ‘Appetites,’ He Pleases The Toughest Food Critic (His 9-Year-Old) : The Salt

The Cure for UTIs? It’s Not Cranberries

Cranberry doesn’t prevent UTIs, study finds

Porridge, The Food That Built Empires, Stages A Savory Comeback OH MY GOD…I love that word–ever since kindergarten!Porridge, The Food That Built Empires, Stages A Savory Comeback

P.S. I never knew what “porridge” was but chopped Cream of Wheat, Cream of Rice and Oatmeal being the closest thing to it.