Meet 1 Of The 538 People Of The ‘Electoral College’ That Decide Who YOUR (American) President Will Be

Even before the suspect materials and hang chad issues at the voting both, the electoral college has always been this “thing.”

We heard about it in elementary social studies. We heard about it in high school civic lessons. But we never knew just who these ‘college students’ were.

What we did know however, is that the final answer and say as to who the president of the United States of America would be was ultimately decided by the people of this “college.”

In 2016 now more than ever, were are really getting a hands off hands on lesson about the power of these 538 people. After all the debates and at the end of the literal day, this “college” decides who runs the country.

Despite the fact that former first lady, (slash) Secretary of State, (slash) now) former democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clint won the election by popular vote (meaning: the tally of yours and my vote),


DONALD TRUMP: 59,085,787

…the electoral college decided that Donald Trump should be our president.

I don’t know about you, but I’m done voting in America. And if you’re anything smart and want something done about that old ancient “electoral college” political process you’d follow suit. 

I am over this ‘electoral college’ overriding our collective decision on deciding who WE want to run the country.

Even Donald Trump, who was elected by it, knows it’s a joke-well, he did then (2012) back when President Obama was elected.

Now that they’ve chosen him, surely the electoral college is the next best thing to America’s apple pie.

I believe that if enough American people sanction and boycott voting (for a president) collectively, we could get rid of this electoral college. With enough people on board, we could  force them to meet our demands to put the power back into our hands.


Let me cut to the chase of this process that leads us all on a wild goose one on election day.

Without further adieu, I will let you meet someone from the electoral college so you can see what he has to say about their “process.”


There are four things I do not tolerate is having my time wasted, wasting my gas, and wasting my money.

I am done giving energy to the American presidential process in its entirety. 

I don’t know about you, but as of 2016 I have decided that the American voting process is one big, every four year undercover consensus check in. It’s a pblicity stunt for a political prom. I find it disrespectful that an electoral college steps in an undoes every thing the America people collectively decide upon.

Sorry Michelle Obama. Hear that you may run in four years. God knows I love ya like a big sis but I am OVER voting for any federal president of this country.

The electoral college has outsmarted me for the last time.

I’ll stick to local and state issues and keep it moving.

That’s my final answer. Don’t debate me.

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