Come To Data: T-Mobile Offers Wendy’s, Lyft & Other Incentives For Pokemon Enthusiasts

Come to data you Pokemon babies.t-mobile-uncarrier

The “uncarrier” T Mobile‘s got something for you.

Despite all the cheating busts, cliff deaths, roberry setups, pet propositions, car crashes, quitting jobs to hunt Pokemon and other PokemonGo perils, pounding the pavement must go on.

The problem with all that is data. While having access to the world-wide web is a way of life right now, and “unlimited data” has red tape: The days of “unlimited (high-speed) data” for your home PC or hot spot for your mobile devices and laptops have a data threshold.

The Pokemon app is an app that revolves around moving about with your phone or mobile device in hand and your data (for your smart phone) may very well be “unlimited”—provided you purchased one of the higher monthly data plans with your phone provider. T- Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) announced that on their next T-Mobile Tuesday, the ‘T’ mobile means “Thanks.”

So that it won’t touch