LIVE Broadcast: Multiple Baton Rouge Police Officers Shot Dead, Others Wounded, 1 Suspect Killed Other’s Detained

Just as officials were dealing with the Baltimore hostage standoff turned surrender, right on its heal was another police situation that took a tragic turn however-on two of its own. A reported 7 police officers were shot while 3 lost their lives in the line of duty.

Just 12 days after officers apprehended Alton Sterling who was shot and killed in front of a store in Baton Rouge, the duty and intention to serve and protect somewhere went horribly wrong.

While 911 calls are being reviewed, it is unclear as to whether or not officers were lured to the scene where they’d pulled up on 29 year-old Kansas City native with no known relative ties to Baton Rouge, Gavin Long (and alleged accomplices).

Somewhere in this, gunshots were

3 baton rouge cops killed , 3 injured
Authorities talk to the driver of a car near an area where several officers were shot while on duty less than a mile from police headquarters on July 17, 2016. (Photo: Mike Kunzelman, AP)