📌 The Pros and Cons of Being Entrepreneurs and Employees 📌Testosterone Meds ‘Illegally’ Helping With Depression?📌Stocks Surge After Clinton Cleared 📌Walking Dead Recap 📌Ted Nugent Expresses Himself At Trump Rally By Vulgarly Grabbing His Own Pssy 📌Missouri Man Kills 4 and 5 Year Old Then Self 📌Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake Hits Oklahoma 📌Clinton: “Why You Should Vote For Me” 📌and More!


📌’Walking Dead’: 7 Key Moments From ‘The Cell’

📌’The Walking Dead’ recap: Over it

📌MTV EMAs: The Weeknd Performs ‘Starboy’

📌Trump Heckler Goes ‘Access Hollywood’ on Him

📌Robert Durst to finally answer charge in 2000 L.A. slaying of Susan Berman

📌Hollywood Film Awards: De Niro, Portman Support Clinton on Eve of Election

📌Kim Kardashian Drops a Baby No. 3 Bombshell: ”I Just Want to Explore Surrogacy”

📌Ted Nugent gropes himself onstage at Trump rally in Michigan: ‘I’ve got your blue state right here’ <—a TOTAL representation of the heathenism most Trump supporters wish to indulge in, freely-without scorn, scrutiny or repercussion. Newsflash and reality check:  We have a black president for the past 8 years. Given the pain the black community has suffered over the past 4 (alone), because of a president, don’t you think that if a people can ‘let their inhibitions go’ without repercussions there’d be a lot of non-black dead bodies around the world right about now? Get over the thought process that somehow a barbaric, bully, narcissistic lose cannon becoming president is going to permit your heathenism to run free. Aint gonna happen in this American-despite “white privilege.”




📌Tesco cuts sugar levels in soft drinks in drive to tackle obesity …yeah cause 65g of sugar in ANY drink is complete, utter ridiculousness.

📌How Taking Testosterone Illegally Helped Manage My Depression (search reference: Mens lifestyle)


📌How Healthy Is Freeze-Dried Fruit?How Healthy Is Freeze-Dried Fruit?


📌It’s True: Sadly The ‘Fashion Startup’ Segment On Z Skin Wasn’t Real.

📌Lady Gaga’s Latest Avant-Garde Look Will Remind You to VoteLady Gaga's Latest Avant-Garde Look Will Remind You to Vote

📌Rihanna Just Won the Fashion Award Kanye Claimed Last YearRihanna Just Won the Fashion Award Kanye Claimed Last Year


📌12 Simple Beauty Product Swaps To Make For Winter12 Simple Beauty Product Swaps To Make For Winter




📌Tesco Bank to freeze customer transactions after hacking attack

📌Asian stocks bounce after FBI clears Clinton over emails

📌Stock Futures Surge After Clinton Cleared by FBI

📌The Heart And Soul Of An Entrepreneur

📌The Pros and Cons of Being Entrepreneurs and Employees

 📌Entrepreneurs and Investors Descend on Lisbon for Web Summit

📌Morning Agenda: VW Scandal, Banker Bonuses, Media Mergers and Minions

📌ICYDK: It’s not just smartphones! Samsung recalls 2.8 million washing machines in the US!

📌Samsung to Launch AI Assistant on New Phone That Definitely Won’t Explode


📌Broncos LB Brandon Marshall ends national anthem protest

📌LeBron James, J.R. Smith campaign with Hillary Clinton in Cleveland


📌Family Loses Third Son To The Heroin Epidemic

📌Missouri man kills 4- and 5-year-old sons and self in murder-suicide, police say

📌Feds: 275,000 born to illegals in one year, would fill city the size of Orlando

📌China’s New J-20 Stealth Fighter Makes Its Public Debut, But the US Isn’t Impressed

📌With World Fixated on U.S. Election, China Moves on Three Fronts

📌Focus group reflects nation’s dark mood ahead of Election Day

📌Ohio Dems file emergency plea over voter intimidation

📌Florida Democrats sue to extend early voting hours at Miami-Dade site

📌Trump’s Border Wall Will Have A 75-Mile-Wide Gap In It

📌Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake Hits Central Oklahoma

📌Deputy killed, another injured during dispute in Peach County, Georgia

📌’Person of interest’ in deadly New Jersey stabbings in custody (search reference: Arrington)

📌Voters in four states are poised to pull the trigger on new gun-control bills

📌Philadelphia transit strike ends as union, SEPTA reach deal, reports say



📌Final newspaper endorsement count: Clinton 57, Trump 2

📌Hillary Clinton: Why you should vote for me

📌Motivated by opposition to Trump, Hispanics are poised for historic turnout

📌These are the 15 states that will decide the election

📌Donald Trump’s Aides Have Revoked His Twitter Privileges

This is what President Obama had to say about that, LoL: (Real talk, though):

📌Barack Obama Skewers Donald Trump For Losing His Twitter Access

📌Janet Reno, the 1st woman to serve as U.S. attorney general, has diedImage: Janet RenoImage: U.S. President Bill Clinton and Janet Reno

📌For the Record: The calm before the storm

📌Obama Mocks Trump with Twitter JabObama Mocks Trump with Twitter Jab

📌Trump is GOP’s only chance to repeal Obamacare

📌’He thought it was OK just to lie’: Obama blasts Trump for misrepresenting how he handled a protester

📌National race stands at 47-43 Clinton-Trump, nearly 8 in 10 are prepared to accept result

📌Clinton looks poised to lock it up

📌Clinton to win, but we still like Trump on these issues, respondents to CNBC survey

📌Here’s What We Learned During This Miserable, Endless Election Year

📌Montini: FBI director pulls Clinton out from under the bus (he drove over her)

📌Gordon Humphrey, a former GOP US senator from New Hampshire, is asking Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton

📌Former GOP senator announces he’ll vote for Clinton

📌Why New Hampshire Could Decide This Election

📌Not So Divided After All on Foreign Policy

📌 Khan to Donald Trump: ‘This Isn’t Your America’

📌Donald Trump Uses Another Dog Whistle Attack To Get Out The Vote

📌Trump’s Fate Will Help Decide Success of Global Pollution Fight

📌Shattering records, Miami-Dade and Broward post huge Sunday voting number

📌Gentle reminders:

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