📌Bloody Penguin Homewrecker Battle Shows Just How Close We Are To Nature & Animals 📌A Scientific Look Into Human Consciousness 📌Snoop & Martha Hang Out Again 📌Move Over Comedians: Studies Show Musicians May Be 3x More Like To Suffer Depression Than Regular Folks and Lessers 📌Federal Authorities Investigate Election Threats 📌Donald Trumps Suits Are Expensive, Here’s Why They Look So Cheap On Him 📌Jim Morrissey, VA Politician That Married+ Impregnated His (Then) 19 Year-Old Assistant On Way To Becoming Mayor+Why I Support Their Relationship 📌Trump, Clinton & Election Shenanigans 📌Sports News 📌and More!


📌Fall Back: Daylight Saving Time Ends SundayFall Back: Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday

📌5 Things You Didn’t Know About Daylight Saving Time

📌Insight Into the ‘Seat of Human Consciousness’Insight Into the ‘Seat of Human Consciousness’

📌Penguin Fights Homewrecker in Bloody Battle


For further reference/reading, you might want to check out an excerpt from my unpublished book “Feel Like A Lady, Deal Like A Man.” There are excerpts/mentions linked here and throughout these blogsBut SPECIFICALLY, in Chapter Tip 5 I have an excerpt titled “Why Hoes Are Winning.” It might enlighten or empower you. Because Penguin or person…we ladies gotta know what’s up and how to move with, and in a world of men. I’m all about that.


📌New study finds that musicians may be up to three times more likely to suffer from depression compared to the general public


📌Here’s why Donald Trump’s suits look cheap even though they cost thousands of dollars

 📌What Would You Serve With Gin and Juice? At the Table With Martha Stewart and Snoop DoggWhat Would You Serve With Gin and Juice? At the Table With Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg

…that’s one time too many that these two have been hanging out. Martha’s a cougar penguin. Snoop’s Shauntay had better watch her. lol

📌The Simple Contouring Trick That’ll Make Your Nose Look SmallerThe Simple Contouring Trick That'll Make Your Nose Look Smaller


📌30 Hand Creams We Love–For Every Budget30 Hand Creams We Love--For Every Budget

📌The Tricky Etiquette of Co-Working SpacesThe Tricky Etiquette of Co-Working Spaces

📌The Only 5 Boots We’re Living in This WinterThe Only 5 Boots We're Living in This Winter

📌Beyonce’s Polka-Dot Suit at Get Out The Vote Concert 2016Beyonce's Polka-Dot Suit at Get Out The Vote Concert 2016


📌Cara Delevingne exposes The Sun on InstagramCara Delevingne exposes The Sun on Instagram

📌The Closer: Michelle ObamaThe Closer: Michelle Obama


📌Major startups not recruiting at IITs this year



📌Federal authorities investigating threat of pre-election attacks

📌Nearly half of Florida’s registered voters have already voted

📌70K Louisiana Felons Could Regain Voting Rights

📌Deadly Fungal Infection Claims First Victims in US

📌Nigerian Army Finds an Abducted Chibok Schoolgirl With a Baby

📌Jury rules against ‘Rolling Stone,” reporter in UVa rape story

📌Latest Jobs Report Should Remind Us How Terrible Things Were 8 Years Ago

📌FBI leads search for East Texas girl, 10, who may have been abducted


Joe_and_Myrna📌Ex-Convict Who Slept 555e2102f2d6e_imageWith His Teenage Employee Is Set To Become Richmond’s Next Mayor (I happen to find that headline not only misleading, but terriblly mean, spiteful and bitingimagesCASINDT1. Before writing them up, after careful research and peek into their relationship, I ended up liking him and her together. Read all the deets at our sister site

P.s- I know I’ve been slacking on on pimpin’ penpen over at our sister site but I do have a write-up rolling off my mind tongue about this relationship and (with this being the inspiration/segue) interracial dating as a whole. In case you don’t have time to read all 3 pages of my write up about these two when you click into the red link, I will give you my opinion’s long story short: The only way an interracial relationship (in which the woman is black and the man is white) can survive (well past the woman being an ‘exotic bird’) is 2 reasons:

1. The man is raised around black culture and has a full grasp and understanding of the black woman, her plight, way and rhythms in her ways.


2. He is strong enough and willing enough to fight the scrutiny and scorn of the world (his world-especially) with complete and utter bravery, revolt, rebellion and zeal-and without folding or succumbing to being shamed and pressured. At first I was VERY put off by this guy because (looking at the above pics-before I researched their story THOROUGHLY before I decided on an opinion), from looking at the pics I only saw a white guy playing out some “wench”, slave/mammy fantasizes at the expense of a gullible young girl who didn’t understand what she was getting into. But after I dug all into the facts and beyond the pics, I discovered that she was more mature than I thought and they were having fun together. Furthermore, not only does he have the world/his  (white) world to fight (and her black family at his throat), he is in politics and willing to fight that fight while trying to get elected and under the microscope of scrutiny. Like I said in the write up in the red link, if she had been in a situation with her own kind (a black dude in politics) this (most probably) would have been a knock-down, drag out “I am not the father” political scandal and she (most probably) would have been denied, ditched, and baby-daddyless–all for some “new (2016) negro” trying to ‘protect’ a political career social reputation. Don’t debate me. We’ve all witnessed that scenario enough times to support the validity of that hypothesis. 

📌21 people shot in Chicago in first 11 hours of weekend; 4 dead

📌Gangs of Teen Girls Attacking, Robbing Shoppers in Chicago’s Famed LoopChicago

📌Undocumented America: The Truth of Illegal Immigration

📌Whiff of powerful drug fentanyl sickens three Broward Sheriff’s Office K-9s, officials say

📌Relative calm as humanitarian pause begins in Syria’s Aleppo

📌Alabama inmate gets a 7th stay of execution

📌Black church in Mississippi burned, tagged with ‘Vote Trump’ graffiti

📌Black Church Burned And Vandalized With “Vote Trump” Graffiti Raises $200,000

📌Bill de Blasio Vows to Take Care of Family of NYPD Sergeant Killed in the Bronx

📌The FBI is completely out of control

📌Dems Trying To Oust Comey At FBI After Clinton Probe Decision

📌Fox News says its report of a possible Clinton indictment is wrong, but Trump keeps citing it anyway

📌A cop fired for feeding fecal sandwich to homeless person

📌Mother of long-missing W.Va. girl Aliayah Lunsford charged

📌This idiot. Smh. Uber driver kidnapped, assaulted passenger who passed out at DC bar, police say

📌Anti-abortion Poland offers payments for disabled newborns

📌Duterte’s bloody war: Another mayor accused of drug trafficking is gunned down by police

📌Deadly Fungal Infection Claims First Victims in US

📌Couple married 74 years die on same day

📌Dakota Access Pipeline: Obama Says Army Corps Is Examining Alternate Routes

📌Chevy starts manufacturing the Bolt

📌Here’s A Reminder That Even The Pope Doesn’t Like Donald Trump:



📌A long line and lots of patience as voters cast early ballots in Ohio

📌Hillary Clinton campaign staffers’ laptops stolen in Philadelphia

📌This is what Oregonians Googled about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump before Election Day

📌Sarah Palin to Hit the Trail for Trump

📌The real Clinton email scandal is that a BS story has dominated the campaign <—HEADLINE OF THE WEEK LoL.

📌Fox News Poll: Clinton ahead of Trump by two points

📌Here are the legal scandals Donald Trump will have to deal with after Election Day

📌In 1 Unscripted Moment, Hillary Clinton Finds Joy in the Rain

📌A look at the $20K portrait of Trump paid for by his foundation

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📌Poll: Clinton leading in five battleground states

📌2 Former Chris Christie Aides Found Guilty On All Counts In ‘Bridgegate’ Trial

📌Donald Trump’s Closing Ad Has Antisemitic Overtones

📌370 economist tell voters: Don’t vote for Trump

📌Ana Navarro destroys Melania Trump’s cyberbullying speech hypocrisy: ‘Her husband is crazy’

📌Maybe The FBI’s Love For Trump Has Something To Do With How Extremely White And Male It Is

📌Can Michelle Obama Just Be First Lady Forever?

📌Bill Clinton reacts to Melania Trump’s bullying speech

📌Chelsea Clinton Calls Melania Trump’s Vow to Fight Cyber Bullying ‘A Little Ironic’



📌Five takeaways from the Lakers’ 117-97 upset of the Warriors

📌Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner resigns

📌Gate 34 at Boston’s Logan Airport to be named after Big Papi

📌LeBron James Embracing Change In Chase For History

📌LeBron James Sells Sports Assistants Comedy to CBS

📌Stephen Curry’s three-point streak comes to a crashing halt as Lakers humble Warriors

📌Why Giants could pull trigger on Nick Saban plan if losses pile up

 📌Montini: From hero to afterthought — Rajai Davis meet Hal Smith

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📌Cedar Point rollercoaster to bear Cubs’ name opening weekend

📌Hear late broadcaster Harry Caray call the final out of the Cubs’ World Series Game 7 win [Video]

📌Former Vanderbilt football player sentenced to 17 years in rape case

📌Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott, accuser had violent incidents, prosecutor believesUSP NFL: PHILADELPHIA EAGLES AT DALLAS COWBOYS S FBN USA TX

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📌5 Reasons why the Falcons beat the Buccaneers

📌Fans Bring Noose-Wearing Obama Mask To Football Game, Sparking Outrage

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