📌Why Black Democrats With The “What Have You Done For Me Lately” Attitude About The Democratic Party Need To Shut Up and Reflect 📌Economy Better Under Democratic Presidents (Even Donald Trump Agrees) 📌This Elementary School Has Predicted The Presidential Outcome of the Election Since 1968 📌NC Judge Orders Removed Voters Be Restored📌Cincinnati Cop Ray Tensing – Who Killed Sam Dubose – Wore Confederate T Shirt Beneath Uniform 📌Is Christie Crisp Right About Now? 📌The Latest Jobs Report As Compared To 8 Years Ago 📌 So You’ve Only Been To The (Public) White Hospitality Not The ‘White House’ – Obama Reveals Private Living Areas 📌 21 Year Old Mad At Baby-Daddy Kills 1 Child, Attempts Other–And Sends Him The Video 📌And More!

 📌Woman drops lawsuit claiming Trump raped her at age 13

📌Woman Who Accused Trump of Raping Her as a 13-Year-Old Just Cancelled Her Press Conference After Death Threats

📌Trump child rape accuser calls off news conference over threats

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 📌Hillary Clinton Drops Into Detroit As Democrats Get Nervous About Black Turnout

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📌This elementary school has correctly predicted every presidential election since 1968

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📌Clinton, Trump Take Conflicting Stances On U.S. Jobs Growth

📌The economy is better under Democratic presidents   Hey…even Donald agrees:

Hey…even Donald Trump agrees:

📌Latest Jobs Report Should Remind Us How Terrible Things Were 8 Years Ago

📌Judge: NC counties must restore voters removed from rolls

📌Obama looks to slam the door on Trump in North Carolina

📌Two NYPD Sergeants Shot, Wounded

📌Who’s who of Christie aides convicted of abusing power

📌Chris Christie’s career takes another hit with ‘Bridgegate’ convictions

📌 Christie allies convicted in Bridgegate trial


Rev. William Owens, of the Coalition of African Americans, speaks about same sex marriage while Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) (L) and Sen.Wayne Allerd (R-CO) (2nd-L) stand nearby during a news conference on Capitol Hill June 6, 2006 in Washington DC.📌Black Leader Endorses Donald Trump: Democrats ‘Ask Us For Everything, Give Nothing Back’ …That-be one of the DUMBEST statements black people make-as with the move. Given the history of this country and it’s relationship and totem pole placement; I can’t understand why, or how black people (continuously) think that America (democrat or ESPECIALLY republican) is supposed to do/be anything ‘leveling,’ righteous or right for the race. Democracy and [the] democratic political party is about the closest you’re gonna get. This is America and it will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be the lesser of the two evils. Being BLACK in America and electing, or being apart of the republican party is the equivalent of how black people laid down and walked themselves right into slavery. Sheer, utter, gutter, gullible stupidity. Even with a democracy, America is/was never built on the strength and promise of making life ‘comfortable’ or ‘equal’ for black people. It is by way of democracy that you stand ANY IOTA OF A CHANCE of  making or getting your greatness that you must TAKE. Not even democracy is made to white-privilege-like hand it to (blacks) but rather, as the lesser of the two evils: [be] the glimmer of light to MAKE the way that (unlike any other race in this country) you gotta TAKE-and not wait [on]. Black people upset at the democratic party and waiting on IT to make a certain kind of way for them in America is the most IDIOTIC thing EVER and will forever baffle me–given what this country was founded on. It’s like they are waiting on a “black privilege” that is never going to happen and that’s CERTAINLY 10 steps even further away from THAT ‘never’ on the other (republican) side. If I read that pic right, surely that white dude next to him is saying “you tell’em you dumb, gullible ni%%er. Walk your a$$ right back into slavery 400 years later…again, big guy.” Ignorant folks like this guy: WAKE UP. Unlike white privilege, there is, or never will BE any “black privilege” or provisions. Stop waiting around for the democrats to hand you that dream. Any privilege or provisions you get you MUST unify or individually make, create or unapologetically take–via the party next of kin to your CORE, ROOT ideologies and plight: economically, socioeconomically OR as an egalitarian-regardless your race. If you have yet to receive that 40 acres and that mule at the abolishment and for the inconvenience of slavery (for a fair chance to shoot your shot at a piece of wealth in America) HOW in the h-e-double hockey stick do you think (in 2016) ANY party of the United States America is going to HAND or ‘GIVE’ you privilege to do, or privilege to have, or privilege to be? If that 40 acres and that mule wasn’t handed or “given” to you, what does that tell you about waiting around on any party in America? 

📌Senate majority or not, Dems turn to hard-charging Schumer

📌 Meet The Woman Who Calls Mike Pence Every Day To Talk About Her Period ….LOLOLOLOL…She should try this with Trump

📌MILO on ‘Spirit Cooking’: I Knew She Sold Her Soul to Saudi. I Didn’t Know She ‘Sold Her Soul to the Devil’

📌Two-Time Cancer Survivor to Milo: ‘I’d Rather Have Cancer Than Feminism’

📌California has 19.4 million registered voters

📌Long lines as early-voting locations close frustrate metro Phoenix voters

📌Hillary Clinton Tells LGBTQ People ‘I Will Always Have Your Back’

📌Democrat vs. Democrat: Historic contest for Senate seat in California still a dead heat

 📌Trump claims he always had confidence in FBI, despite past slams

📌It Sure Looks Like FBI Renegades Are Trying To Swing The Presidential Election

📌Michael Moore: Giuliani ‘knew something’ before FBI announcement

📌Fox News Apologizes for Inaccurate Hillary Clinton Report

📌This Email Newsletter Registered 95,000 Women to Vote, and That Could Be Enough to Sway the Election

📌Clinton pens letter to 102-year-old Arizona Democrat

📌Clinton maintains narrow four-point edge, pushing past concerns about honesty

📌Black people, if you really love the Obamas, you’ll vote for Hillary Clinton

📌Exclusive-Breitbart/Gravis Pennsylvania Poll: Trump, Clinton in Statistical Tie …rolls eyes. If “Breitbart” is reporting that as a headline, know that Hillary is kicking Trump’s butt.

📌Waking up to President TrumpDonald Trump

📌Giuliani: Christie is still leading Trump’s transition team ‘as far as I know’

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 📌Teen Whom Anthony Weiner Allegedly Sexted Blasts FBI Director for Making Her an Election Pawn

📌Emails show how much Clinton trusted Anthony Weiner

📌Report: FBI Examining Fake Documents Targeting Clinton Campaign

📌White House Commutes Sentences of 72 Non-Violent Prisoners

📌Obama reveals private living areas of White HouseThe image provided by Architectural Digest shows the Yellow Oval Room in the White House.



📌National Enquirer paid $150G for Trump affair story, then suppressed it

📌Thousands evacuated from Las Vegas casino after power outage

📌Los Angeles police officers fired over response to screams where Andrea DelVesco was later found dead

📌Chelsea Clinton Goes After Donald Trump On TV — You Won’t Believe What She Said

📌Vandals hit Donald Trump’s Denver campaign…

📌Black Mississippi Church Burned And Vandalized With ‘Vote Trump’


📌A Guy In A Trump Shirt Carried A Gun Outside Of A Virginia Polling Place. Authorities Say That’s Fine.

📌Missing Georgia mother of three found dead

📌Details emerge of accused Iowa shooter’s family troubles (search reference: Des Moines Iowa Scott Michael Greene)

📌A cowardly act of calculated murder’: Des Moines police chief lashes out at accused cop killer

📌Mystery man in red flannel lauded for reportedly stopping bike theft in San Francisco

636138584675152987-confederate-shirt.jpg📌Ohio officer who shot Sam DuBose wore Confederate flag T-shirt under uniform (search reference: Ray Tensing)

📌The trial of a South Carolina officer who shot an unarmed black man is underway — here’s what you need to know (search reference: Michael Slager / Walter Scott)

📌911 calls from Pulse club’s accused shooter releasedAP NIGHTCLUB SHOOTING-SHOOTER PROFILE A FILE

📌ISIL leader Baghdadi confident of Mosul battle victory

📌Iraqi forces hit with intense fight from ISIS near Mosul

📌2 US service members killed in Afghanistan

📌Migrant crisis: ‘Hundreds dead’ in shipwrecks off Libya

📌13 Dead, 20 Missing in China Coal Mine Blast, State Media Says

📌Report: Bus driver may’ve lost consciousness in other crash

 📌Infant dead in multi-vehicle crash in Barrington Hills

📌Clearing man charged in hit-and-run that injured

Dad who got video of dead son charged with endangermentThis Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016, booking photo provided by the Allegheny County Police Department shows Christian Clark, of McKeesport, Pa. Police say Clark, charged with criminal homicide in the death of her 17-month-old son Andre Price III, sent a video of the boy's apparently lifeless body to his father in a jealous, vengeful rage during a text-messaged argument that lasted more than two hours. (Allegheny County Police Department via AP)This November 2016 booking photo provided by the Allegheny County Police Department shows Andre Price Jr., of McKeesport, Pa. Police say Prince has been charged with two felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child, for not intervening or contacting authorities when the mother of his two children, who has been charged with criminal homicide in the death of their 17-month-old son, sent text messages threatening to kill the boy and their 2-year-old daughter, including pictures and video of the children in distress. (Allegheny County Police Department via AP)

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