ICYMI: 📌Jack Be Nimble @Jack Be ̶Q̶u̶i̶c̶k̶ Quit: Twitter Says Trump Nuclear War-Churning Tweet Not In Violation of Its ‘Terms’ – Protesters Want Jack Out 📌Twitter Puts Loyal Trump Suppprter (slash) Ex-Sherriff David Clarke in ‘Read-Only’ Mode 📌Running for the Border and Stepping Out Its Lane: Taco Bell ‘Fries?’ 📌Meryl Streep Curious About Melania’s #MeToo Story (Because We All Know She Has One) 📌Video: A 75 Car-Pileup 📌Ellen Degeneres Apart of the “Deep State”–Says Eric Trump 📌Dating Site Says Its Algorithms Work Better Than Fate 📌and More!

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