ICYMI: 📌Let’s Be Clear: Gangsta and Gangster Are Two Different Things -To Not Know Could Cost You 📌5 Money Mistakes to Avoid This Year 📌California: Legalizing Weed, Legislating Guns, Diapers and–Tampons 📌Stressful Jobs That Pay Badly 📌Congress Is Back- Here’s What Must Be Tackled This Month (and Year) 📌You Can’t Climb Solo on Everest No-Mo 📌How Your Body Fights Back When You Diet 📌Hoda Kotb Replaces Matt Lauer 📌6 Tech Predictions for 2018 📌Someone Used Amazon’s Same-Day Delivery To Help Homeless 📌Who is Logan Paul? 📌Smart Phones w/Removable Batteries Are Never Coming Back 📌Former Miss America Crowned Chairperson 📌”Mimi” Gets The Year’s First Meme 📌and More!

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Colorado gunman left alarming online trail

Slain deputy’s 4-year-old comforts mom

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