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1) The White House received a petition to have social media group #BlackLivesMatter  a “terror” group, this is the reply. Story here

2) According to a new study your personality is controlled by your immune system.  Story here

3) 10 days before his death a manifesto or mission? Baton Rouge officer shooter, Gavin Long, denounced his affiliation with any groups or movements. 

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             3a)  Gavin Long was decorated former marine Story here

4) Warrick Dunn, former NFL running back, gets emotional following Baton Rouge shootings. Story here

5) United Airlines pilot who called for the hanging of Hillary Clinton gets fired. Story here

6) Parents say social media harms moral development. Story here

7) A man decides to inject his own semen into an egg. Story here

8) Reportedly, Millennials will earn less than Gen X. Story here

9) Sheriff Clarke handles Don Lemon re: #BlackLivesMatter / Black Lives Matter . Story here

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        9a) (more on this story)

10) Former congressman, ambassador, and Martin Luther King’s friend and right hand man Andrew Young not impressed with Black Lives Matter – claims they are ‘unlovable brats.’ Story here


11) A UC Berkeley student, Nicolas Leslie, 2o, among the 84 killed in Nice. Story here

12) All praises due to Pokemon, its maker – Nintendo – breaks stock market records. Story here 

13) Overseas envy: Bill filed in Angara to give poor, deserving students a free college education. Story here

14) Mom shares photo family album of the 15 days she spent with her stillborn baby. Story here

15) There is a textbook that says it’s a woman’s ‘duty’ to follow her man  Story here

16) IRS back at Lauryn Hill again? Story hereLauryn Hill

17) The trailer load of requests to fire FOX news’ Shep Smith keep pouring in after his saying to Bobby Jindal “All Lives Matter” is ‘derogatory.’ Story here

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18) Republican National Convention asks for temporary Open Carry laws be put on hold. Story here

19) Lt. Brian Rice acquitted of all charges in Freddie Gray case. Story here

20) New Black Panther Party to attend RNC, armed under Ohio’s open carry law. Story here

21) Pakistani social media stars Qandeel Baloch-killed by her brother says he is ‘proud’ of killing her. Story here

22) Racist grandmother kills 2 bi racial granddaughters indicted for murder. Story here

Racist grandmother incdicted for killing bi racila grandkids


23) Black Chocolate lives matter: Here are some chocolate brands that (allegedly) participate in child slavery. Story here

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24) Ever entertained the thought that Windows could run on Chromebook? Story here

windows and chrome


25) Balls of yarn are a bore no more. See this creative trick! Story here

creative uses for yarn

26) Arian Foster, Dolphins, Lions, oh my! Story here

27) A vegetarian crocodile? Story here

28) Google Maps shows just how long people typically spend inside stores and other venues. Story here

29) A Harry Potter Version Of PokemonGO on the horizon, perhaps? Story here