📌Meet Iesha Evans-The Woman From Poignant Baton Rouge Photo 📌Twitter Silences Milo 📌The Story Behind Melania’s Plagarized Speech 📌Tamron Hall Scolds Scott Baio 📌and more!


1) Due to lead, Consumer Safety Commission recall children’s water bottles specifically sold at LL Bean. Story here

2) Meet Iesha Evans-the woman from the poignant Baton Rouge photo (search ref: Gayle King)


[youtube https://youtu.be/LFC6l0DjDF0&w=310&h=157]


3) Milo silenced by Twitter. Story here

4) Internet Free speech war initiated by Milo’s Twitter ban? Story here

       FYI: I explained it in this blog, last year: Your “free speech” on the Internet is permissible wherever you own + pay for the domain.  So repost, and post ’til your heart’s content all up and down Twitter, Facebook and the like. It all descends, disappears and belongs to them. As well, they can kick you straight out of the blogsphere. So cuff your Twitter ego and talk crap at your own risk. More on what Milo did here on Tori story 32.

5) Make America……… Read Again: Librarian hands out books at the RNC. Story here

6) Trumps spokeswoman: “Michelle Obama didn’t invent the English language! Trump spokeswoman fires back. Story here

7) Physicist calculates the probability Melania Trump didn’t plagiarise that speech that got her dragged. Story here

     7a) …That 1 in 87 billion chance it wasn’t plagiarism. LoL. Story here

8) Melania Trump dropped out of college freshman year. Story here

9) The story behind the speech Melania didn’t deliver. Story here

10) Malaysian Embezzlement case a $1 Billion dollar U.S asset? Story here

11) Cash incentive for prize winning indie films. Story here

12) Paul Ryan’s 10-minute pain-faced delivery at the RNC. Story here

pau ryan rnc

13) Boris Johnson raked over the coals at press conference where he is clearly uneasy. Story here

14) My God Tamron handled this interview well! Impressive! TodayShow’s Tamron Hall hands Scott Baio’s ass to him after cosigning calling Hillary a (unt and insulting the First Lady Michelle Obama’s looks. Amazing how she called to the carpet-all areas needing clarification within the first 2:15 of the video:


15) Fame director of over 1000 sitcom’s and movie’s from the 70s to mid 80s, “Pretty Woman’s” Garry Marshall dead at 81. Story here

16) Starz Channel’s ‘Power’ renewed for seasons 4 and 5. Story here  

17) Hottest day of the year thus far claims life of soldier during training exercise in Brecon Beacons. Story here

18) Just before her 18th birthday, girl trapped in baby’s body dies. Story here

19) Sad bear: The world’s saddest polar bear put on display at Chinese shopping center for selfies. Story here 

20) Slain international singer Selena gets waxed at Madame Tussauds. Story here

21) Google Sued: Case filed against Google for listing India’s PM Modi under the “Top 10 Criminals of the World.” Story here

22) Google Sharing: Chennai boy wins $10,000 scholarship for his project that helps fishermen. Story here

23) Kansas woman gives birth to THREE SETS of TWINS. Story here

24) ‘Turkey’ shall bare its name? Due to coup, Turkey fires 21,000 teachers + demands suspension of all university deans. Story here  

25) Was a grieving mother used at the RNC for partisan gain? Story here

26) Is The GOP A Dying Party? Someone (else) running against Trump says so. Story here

27) George ‘Dubya’ Bush: “I’m worried that I’ll be the last republican president.” Story here  

28) US air strike in Syria kills 85 civilians believed to have been Isil fighters. Story here

29) Petty Wap: Top 10 cases of democrats plagiarizing. Story here

30) 11 Charts prove how America’s health care prices are out of control. Story here

31) #BlackLivesMatter isn’t a hate group. Story here 

32) Mike Pence mocks moms: “Sure, you can have it all.” Story here 

33) While filming for Ubisoft game, extreme skier was killed in an avalanche. Story here

34) About Tiffany Trump. Story here

35) Mayo-hem on the road: A salad dressing spills at fault for traffic causing DVP ramp to close. Story here

36) Update: Lauryn Hill addresses ongoing tax burden

37) For over an entire year, woman accused of trading (and druggin) 11 year-old daughter for heroin. Dealer charged (too) . Mom indicted on 27 felony counts. Story here 


38) Shannon Dougherty shaves hair in preparation for treatment for fighting breast cancer. Story here.

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39) Too much sh|t: Norovirus breakout spreading at RNC. Story here

40) Some girls get played, cut their hair and find someone new. Other girls get new deals.

Iggy Azalea’s got herself a new deal. Nick who?: