📌20 Injured in German Axe Attack 📌Found: Wire Hanger – Brain Receptor That Triggers OCD Found 📌Snipers Depress Cleveland 📌Omarosa Appointed Trumps ‘African American Outreach’ Head 📌North Carolina Bans: Sagging Pants + Public View of Police Body Cam 📌LeBron Returns To Cleveland 📌and More!

1) [ictt-tweet-inline]No more wire hangers: The brain receptor that triggers OCD identified[/ictt-tweet-inline]. Story here 

(search reference: Faye Dunaway / “Mommie Dearest” )

[youtube https://youtu.be/ptDto4y0X-c&w=310&h=157]

2) Cleveland not fancy enough for snipers. Snipers working the RNC increasingly depressed by the city of Cleveland’s sprawling view. Story here

secret service snipers depressed at how cleveland looks

3) North Carolina town successfully bans sagging pants. Story here

sagging pants

4) North Carolina passes law that police body cam AND dashboard cam footage cannot be public information anymore. Story here

[youtube https://youtu.be/wDgdYJHz2Ng&w=310&h=157]


5) Photo of cops posing with #BlackLivesMatter protestors in Cleveland. Story here  

    5a) Barbeque merges #BlackLivesMatter protesters and police officers. Story here

    5b) (more on this story)

6) Who knew that Wisconsin had a beach? Story here

7) Stephen Colbert crashes RNC-is escorted off the stage. Story here

8) Trump’s son, who takes the stage tonight, threatened RNC dissenters: “Your careers are finished.” Story here 

9) Congressman Steve King says that all nonwhites having contributed anything to civilization. Story here

10) Mom leaves cruel note for PokemonGo players who end up on her land. Story here

Pokémon-Go note to stay out of yard

11) Monies pour in for homeless teen who biked 50 miles to register for college. Story here

12) Talk show host Trevor Noah says NOT voting for Clinton is like giving a vote to Trump. Story here 

13) Taco Bell employee refuses to serve sheriff deputies gets fired. (So let me get this right, you can refuse to service couples with marriage license requests and keep you county job, though? Okay U.S.A). Story here

14) Tamir Rice’s mom is “very disappointed” in Barack Obama (watch)

15) For the first time in GOP history, Donald Trump breaks the Bushes consistent 40 year GOP convention attendance record. Story here

16) Racist a side effect of pain killers? Some recalled after reports say an Australian presenter turned racist after taking pain killers. Story here

17) More than 20 injured in German train axe attack. Story here  

18) Lebron says he will return to Cleveland. Story here

19) Donald Trump former ghostwriter for “The Art of the Deal” book remorseful, says Trump’s a sociopath that could end civilization if elected. Story here  

    19a) (more on this story) 

20) Coldplay and Michael J. Fox rock out. Story here

21) Lady Gaga visits Mexican foster home – sings “Born This Way”. Story here

22) 100 Nude women protest at RNC. Story here

naked women protest and rnc 3

23) RNC speaker lineup largely white. Story here 

RNC big gallon hats

24) Amid global heatwave, boy leaves water and Gatorade for post carriers. Story here

postal workers

25) Elderly man serves as cop’s bodyguard while he pumps gas. Story here

Elderly man acts as bodyguard as cop pumps gas

26) Love Will Never Do: Antonio Sabato Jr. speaks at RNC says securing borders and protecting citizens isn’t “hateful” + President Obama is “absolutely” a Muslim. Story here

Janet and Antonio

26a) (more on that story here)

27) Bikers ride into Cleveland to protect RNC from protestors. Look what happens. Story here

28) Omarosa is Trumps [quote] Director of African American Outreach [end quote]. Good luck with that. Story here

29) Female Hispanic lawyer campaigns for Donald Trump. Story here

30) What “prayer” at the RNC looks like… Story here

31) Rudy Giuliani at the RNC. Story here

32) Leslie Jones spends hour yesterday defending herself against Twitter trolls while Twitter watched. Story here

   32a) Leslie Jones reports social media shenanigist Milo, to Twitter. Story here


33) Milo attends RNC, says Trump will eradicate cancer–cancer of political correctness. Story here  

34) Arian Foster suffers a severe “paper” cut–while signing with Dolphins. Story here

Arian Foster lol papercut