1. Boy Dies After Accident On ‘World’s Biggest Waterslide’ 
  2. Child dies at Kansas Schlitterbahn water park
  3. 3 Children Fall 35-45 Feet from Ferris Wheel in Greene County, Tennessee
  4. Kansas Water Park Witness Describes ‘Horrific Scene’ After Boy Suffers Fatal Injury on Slideht_ferris_wheel_2_er_160808_12x5_1600
  5. Watch 41-Year-Old Gymnast Oksana Chusovitina Slay Her Olympic Vault
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  8. Scientists Discovered a New Type of FireNew Fire
  9. The myth of sex and athletic performance, explained
  10. Pennsylvania bride given away by man who received her dad’s heart
  11. Delta Computer Failure Grounds Flights Worldwide After Power Outage Delta(more from our sis on this)
  12. Global computer glitch grounds Delta flights
  13. Report: George P. Bush urges Republicans to back Trump
  14. ‘It’s a bitter pill to swallow’: At least one Bush finally comes out for Trump
  15. Cape Town car guard says no to bribe, helps police arrest car thieves
  16. Atheist Comedian David Cross Explains Why God Allows Innocent Children To Be Shot to Death
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  20. Cleveland Browns name Robert Griffin III starting QB
  21. Only in New Jersey: Bill would ban motorists from drinking coffee and driving
  22. Dozens dead as bomb explodes at Pakistan hospital
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