1) After 46 people in 21 states become ill, flour recalled (again) by General Mills. Story hereFlour-recall-General-Mills

2) Michael Jordan steps up to speak up for Black lives—and police officers. Story here


3) Things probably making rapper Noreaga smile right now: Carmelo Anthony says ‘it’s about time’ Michael Jordan stepped up. Story hereJORDAN QUOTE EDITED

4) Donna Karan’s brand just sold for $650M…Story here

    4a) ….guess whose manufacturer bought it? Ivanka Trump’s (U.S Apparel). Story here

5) Target transgender inclusive restroom policy has shirts and clothes to match: Retailer debuts gender-neutral kids clothes. Story here

6) PokemonGo lands 2 teen across the U.S.-Canda border. Story here

7) Concert goer caught playing PokemonGo at Beyonce concert. Fan freaks out at the savage disrespect:

pokemon_player at beyonce concert


8) People believe their pets can actually see Pokemon. Story here

9) Speaking of seeing, Rihanna’s Dior shades got something for your eyes:

9a) …speaking of shade, Rihanna says you had better not shade her by playing PokemonGo and smooches with boo via text while she’s on stage:



“I don’t wanna see you texting your boyfriends or your girlfriends. I don’t wanna see you catching any Pokémon’s up in this b|tch,”


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m81moi-Jymg&w=310&h=157]


              9b) …(see what happened when an irritated Nicki Minaj caught her show “security” guard on the phone while she was on stage performing)

10)  Go Psycho: Hey fellas, here’s your shot at greatness. You finally finely get your chance to see Rihanna (naked) when the curtain is pulled back as she showers. Story here


11) Apparently, there is a map that shows the exact location of every Pokemon in the vicinity of wherever you are. Story here

12) Did successful decoding of PokemonGo give way to Mewtwo? Story here

13) New York’s busiest subway line (the L train) to close for 18 whole months. Story here

japan killer kills 19 ppl

japan knife attack14) Did being fired from a Sagamihara center for persons with mental and physical disabilities prompt 26 year-old Tokyo, Japan to come back and kill 19 people—after a previously reported warning of a threat he made but was cleared of? Story here

        14a)      (more on this story)

        14b)      (more on this story from another source)

15) Not so easy like Sunday morning in Normandy, France: 84 year-old Priest’s throat slashed nuns taken hostage during mass. Story here

        15a) Apparently, before being shot dead and slashing the priest’s throat, decapitating priest (Father Jacques Hamel) one of the knifemen (19 years old) shouted ‘Daesh.’ Story here

        15b)  Reportedly, the Normandy France killing was in the name of ISIS. Story here

16) 1 dead, cop injured in Watts, LA shooting. Story here

17) See what one woman did when her job implemented a new (racist) workplace dress code. Story here

racist dress code at work

18) Old drug for Malaria has new role: fighting cancer. Story here

19) If you need to know how to rebuke someone publicly within having to say their name yet, everybody knows their name, take notes from First Lady Michelle Obama. Story here


[youtube https://youtu.be/fO1PH8FGYMI&w=310&h=157]

19a) The transcript of First Lady Michelle Obama’s DNC 2016 speech, here

        19b) In First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech, she mentions the little black boy who touched President Barack Obama’s hair to see that his hair was like his. Let’s meet him. Story hereblack boy who touched Potus hair

20) Obama praised his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, for her powerful speech and the DNC last night at it, like her speech, went viral. Story here

the obamas
I love this pic!

21) Equal opportunity offender: Stephen Colbert removed from DNC stage for reasons no different than he was removed from RNC stage.

[youtube https://youtu.be/gH4iSF96tFY&w=310&h=157]

22) New York Times: “Hillary Clinton’s Convention: Day 1

23) Chicago Tribune: “DNC betrayed Bernie Sanders and the rest of America

24) Damn. Damn. Damn. Worth a numchucking: My guy and friend of my spirit animal and favorite guy Bruce Lee (Chuck Norris) backs Trump—and chops Clinton in seething op-ed. Story here

25) Judge Curiel denied Trump University’s motion to dismiss case. Story here

26) Man in movie theatre in Paducah Kentucky, pulls gun after kid kicks his seat. Story herenty article clinton

27) More than 30 people arrested at Guns n’ Roses concert—for various rockstar acts themselves. *Eyes in head. Story here

28) Bernie Sanders former staffer asserts no one stole the election from them. Story here

29) Astrologer Walter Mercado says what we already know: Trump would bring destruction to the world. Story here

30) Watch out Donald: State funded Russian computer hacking responsible for DNC email hacking case being investigated by FBI. Story here

     30 a) Are Trump and Vladimir Putin chums…are they really a ‘thing’. Story here

31) #BernieOrBust? Bernie Sanders tells his supporters It’s Hillary or bust. Story here

    31a) (more on that here)

32) Considering voting for a 3rd party candidate (that won’t win anyways)? Think again. Story here

33) “Going Dutch” means something altogether different and in favor of men: Dutch men were confirmed to be the tallest. Story here

Dutch ranks tallest men

34) New Walking Dead Trailer

[youtube https://youtu.be/wGm2zwg_-NY&w=310&h=157]

Story here

35) Oxy. Moron. We’re already painfully, and acutely aware that Susan Sarandon is pro Donald, and hates Hillary. Why sit in the audience of the DNC in pain? 



Look, Su. I wanted Bernie as vice pres pick too.